Mother’s Day photos: what makes my mom so special…

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- This Mother’s Day WOTV 4 Women is featuring amazing mom’s from across West Michigan!  Viewers shared what makes their mom so special and what she has taught them. Check out their touching stories in the gallery below.

My mom's name is Lori Russell from Grand Rapids. My dad pretty much left us so 1 thing I learned from my mom is always stay with & take your kids no matter how difficult life may be!
My mother, Dawn Stein of Wayland Michigan, has taught me to speak my mind and be myself. She has always encouraged me to stand up for what I believe in. She taught me that you can't just wait for other people to change the world, you have to do it yourself. She's inspired me everyday to speak my mind and to no worry about what others think, for that I am truely greatful. I whole heartedly believe that my mom is the best mom in the world.
My mom, Carmin Barker from Belding, has taught me so much. She has always been there for me and my five other siblings. We are a very active family and are always on the move. My mom has always made sure someone is there to support my siblings and me in whatever we do and we would be lost without her! She is an incredible person who deserves some recognition for everything she does. She has taught all of us how important family is and how important it is to be there for the people you love. She is always giving her time to our sports teams and everything else we're involved in to make sure everyone has everything they need.
She has taught me to always be kind and compassionate towards those that are less fortunate mentally, physically and economically. She instilled this in all six of us kids. She is 87 years old this year.
Domonic's mom of Grand Rapids: My mom has taught me everything that I know. She is a single parent. She made so many sacrifices for me and my siblings to make sure that we had a very good life. She made sure that we knew that it was important to get a good education and be self-sufficient. She never complained or missed events for us in school. She was like superwoman. I don't know what I would do without my Mom but she's the greatest.
Kate Green of Grand Rapids nominated her mom: My mom taught me it's never to late Surviving 6 kids and my dad losing his 2 year battle to cancer. She gave us kids every ounce of herself she could growing up and at times I put her through more anyone deserves but now she is my best friend and she deserves the best of everything. After all these years she is finally finding herself and making friends and being more than just a mom. She is becoming her own person that can focus on herself for the first time. I think she deserves this because it's not something she will go and do on her own because she never feels as if she deserves things like this. My mom hates taking pictures so this is all I can find.
Jody Fox of Sparta nominated her mom: Over the years my mom has taught me strength, independence, sacrificing for others and unconditional love. She has raised 3 strong women all on her own after my father past away while we were very young she has fought threw cancer and is a survivor . She has loved us all and always supported us she is a amazing, strong mother and grandmother.
My Mom's name is Kim. She is so very special to me. My whole life she has been by biggest inspiration. She has taught me to be patient and to look for the beauty all around me. Together we have overcome many obstacles and have enjoyed , without her I would be lost. I love her and she deserves every bit of this pampering. She always is putting everyone else before herself. Please consider my Mom. In the photo from left to right, Mom, Ally (My sister) and I!
My mom has taught me any and everything about the care and concern for others. She is an advocate for the underserved in our community. She heads the food pantry at her church and opens it throughout the month even when they are not serving to make sure people don't go hungry. She volunteers will various non-profit organizations to teach the poor, minorities and others about being an advocate for their own healthcare. She coordinates and even works a community food truck quarterly. She takes on people in the community to make sure they have the resources needed better their lives and the lives of their children. If you need it, she will try her best to give it to you. She is the recipient of two kidney transplants and even on her worst day, she rarely complains. She is not only my mother, but she is a mother to the community. She is even a mom to young young mothers who have no mother or mother figure in their life. She is a living testament to an Angel here on earth. My mom is Beverly J. Guy of Grand Rapids, MI
My mom is the most inspirational and amazing person I know. She is my best friend, and so often my saving grace. She constantly shows me how to have inner strength and confidence in myself, and to never give up.
My mother is Doris from East Lansing. She has taught me kindness, selflessness and compassion for others.
Jenn Maksimowski's Mom: Jenn says, My mom taught me to be independent, to be strong and to take care of myself.
My mom Heather Silguero, where do I begin? My mom has taught me what it is to be genuinely loving, caring and kind. She showed me what it is to be strong and patient. With everything she has experienced in her lifetime she continues to be so positive. I wish I had the right words. All I know is she truly is one of a kind and deserves the world. I love you mom!
Lisa's daughter from Kentwood says, "Through out my years my amazing mom, Lisa, has been my biggest supporter. My mom is my most important friend. She taught me how to ride a bike and now she's teaching me how to drive, which is not either of our favorite things to do. She's taught me how to use manners and be respectful aswell. Overall though I have watched my mom be a patient, compassionate and loving person, she's never rude and never loses her temper. I have grown up watching her treat everyone fairly and that is how I strive to be, I want to become as good of a person as she is when I grow up. I love you mom." Her son says, "My mom's name is Lisa Rodriguez. We live in Kentwood. My mom has taught me how to be a good person by being a good example. She has taught me to have good manners and treat all people with respect. She has showed me how to be caring and kind."
Kayla Friddle of Grand Rapids says, "She has taught/shown me unconditional love and that family is a very meaningful part of our values. She is our rock! "
My mother Sandy Robertson from Grand Rapids, has taught me a plethora of things ! She has taught me the importance of being independent and understanding that I never need to sit around and wait for anyone, because there is nothing that I cannot do! She has always taught me to go after my dreams, that all things are possible and the need to support and be there for others. My mother is truly AMAZING , my best friend and role no model!
First I must tell you my mother passed away August 25th, 2016, she had been in and out the hospital many times over the previous several months she passed on my sons 14th has been an incredibley hard 8 months. My mother taight me from a very early age to care for others, to love and help people no matter how little I had, there was always someone that could use someone to love them and help...something Ivery much enjoy. The person who I would love to Win this gift is my older sister Cindy Stolt, she was mom's primary helper, and although she has health issues herself, she always gave of herself. She is so deserving, she's a wonderful sister to me and an amazing mom to her daughter and to her step daughter. I am in the middle, mom and Cindy. I appreciate you hearing my story! Thank you, Kim West
LaShyrus Sim's mom of Kalamazoo: My mother has taught me how to respect myself. How to also have respect for others . She has taught me to always " dream as if you have forever but live as if you only have today " my mother has taught me more than i could even type but she has built me into this strong beautiful intelligent.
Kimberly VanDam's mom of Wyoming: My mom has taught me how to make some great meals for my family and how to be a great mom to my kids!
My mom is so amazing. We lost my father in December and she has had to do so much as a single person. She has had to deal with learning how to mow the lawn and take care of broken houae things. She has taught me that life needs to go on no matter how much you miss someone. She has had a rough couple of months. This would be a nice gift so maybe she can relax .
My mom, Euniecia Gray, has taught me how to be successful in my own way. She has taught me to follow my dreams regardless of what tries gets in the way. My mom has been my biggest supporter, my entire life. When I moved to Kalamazoo to attend Western Michigan University, she moved here less than a month later, so that she could be closer to me. I love my mom and she is truly my best friend.
Deeana Lebednick mom of Grand Rapids: My mom has taught me to be a good person. She has taught me that everything will be ok if you just believe in the Lord and he will bless you and your family. I love her so much. She's always there for me no matter what.
My mom has taught me to persevere. No matter how tough things get, she has always been there for me. She's even had an organ transplant while having to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She loves me unconditionally. She deserves the world. Her name is April and she is from Kalamazoo.
My moms name is Janice Fonger we live in Grand Rapids Michigan. She has taught me so much in life! Ever since I was a little kid she has taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated, to never give up, and that I can do anything that I put my mind to! She has helped me conquer all the major roadblock that have been in my way. Over all she helped me grow up to be an amazing strong younge women. Every day she teaches me something new and I'm always looking up to her. I will never stop looking up to her.
My mom is Roxann Lindsay from Davison, MI. She is the most giving person I know. She gives to her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews sometimes more than she has to give. She is a member of the VFW and Eagles club and donates time even when she isn't feeling up to it. She never turnseen down helping people in need. I get my strength, my attitude, my independence and my heart from my mother and as much as I'm just like her and we drive each other crazy I can't imagine my life without her and I'm great full for her every single day!!
1. Never pass up the chance to try something new. 2. Having fun in the water has no age limit. Ruth Kamminga, Grand Rapids
My mom name is Ruth Reese from Lansing,MI has taught me to be strong. No matter what she has always fought for her family and made sure it was us before them. She always put her kids first and made sure we had a Merry Christmas even though her pockets wasn't so Merry. She also made sure we had a Happy Birthday, even if bills went on the back burner. I love her strength and I've grown to become a great mother from it.
Chloa Ostema's mom: My mom taught me how to be a good and thoughtful person, she has taught me to fight for what I want in life, and how to be strong. My mom is my hero. She is the strongest person I know. Her life has been so hard. That never changed her, and how she treats other people!
My moms name is Melissa Staff. My mom has taught me a lot but I've got a little more to say, that is my mom is the hardest working person I have ever met. She works two jobs to try and put me through school while also raising three other young children. Being that I am a student and it is hard for me to set aside money to buy her a great mothers day gift it would be great if she could win this. Because she deserves it more than any other person in the world.
My mom has not only taught me a lot, she has also done A LOT. I cannot even begin to express the things she has done for my sister and I. And I am beyond grateful for all of it. She has taught me that there is absolutely no love like a mothers love. No one will ever love you like a mother does. She has done so much for my sister and I. She is always there for us. She cares about us more than anything in this world. If anyone deserves a spa day, it is her. Hands down. Her name is Phyllis Clark and she is from Grand Rapids.
My Mom has taught me to always give, and that you never know what someone is going through. She has taught me that a smile doesn't cost a thing but can make someones day so much better. She has taught me to always be kind to others around me. She is the most selfless woman and I hope one day I can be as selfless as her. Her name is Mary from Rockford, Michigan.
My mom, Linda Patterson, moved to Grand Rapids in 1967. She has been very active in the GR community ever since. What I learned from her is that volunteerism and philanthropy are key to a vibrant city, to a robust downtown, and to creating neighborhoods where people care about each other. Her tireless involvement has been an amazing guide for me in my life. There are millions of wonderful things about my mom, and millions of things I've learned from her. But her ability to give and contribute have made her a lifelong role model.
My mom (Priscilla Kloc of Holland) recently suffered a stroke (January 2017) but miraculously made a full recovery! Seeing her in the middle of a stroke and slipping away was the worst moment of my life. She has taught me to be a fighter and to never give up. Also to not take life for granted and to live every day to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Mikaela Hager's Mom: My mom has taught me so much!! She has taught me what it is to be a selfless, strong, caring, and loving leader. My mom has taught me how to be authentic and how to learn from the past, but not to continue dwelling there- instead to learn from the past and allow it to strengthen you. My mom is the strongest woman that I know and is always encouraging my siblings and I to be our best selves.
Stacey's mom has got it going on'! This song was definitely written with my sweet mom in mind. My name is Stacey and I'd like to share about my admiration for my mom, Shari Magrath of Mattawan. My mom has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and patience! She is a retired middle school teacher and currently serves on the board of education. My brother, a 25 year Lt. Col in the USMC has received countless care packages coordinated by my mom from her students. My mom and dad are celebrating 46 years of marriage this year. My brother and I are so blessed to have such amazing role models. We love our mom and want to honor her on this special Mothers Day celebration!.
Amy McCash of Kalamazoo nominated her mom! My mother has taught me to stand up for myself. She's the stronger woman I know! Even a heart attack and triple bypass can't hold her down! Here she is 3 weeks post surgery helping me get ready for my wedding. My mom is my hero!
Margaret Williams in Kalamazoo, MI has taught me so much about allowing the right kind of love into my heart. Love you mom!
Karen Sims, Grand Rapids My mother is the most selfless woman I know. When I was in Sixth grade she divorced my step dad and not only did she have us four kids but she adopted my step sisters kids as well. A single parent of seven kids. I remember times when she was without a car and walked to work. When I was her baby her first born she walked to the grocery store with me in a sled. All I can say is we never went without anything. She always has and always will put us first. My mom is one of the strongest people I know. No one can ever take her place. They always talk about how I'm a great Mother that is because I learned from the best.
My mom Hope Sutphin, of Comstock Park has taught me to put God first in my life and He will take care of everything thing else!!!!!!!
My mom has taught me how to he a strong independent woman. My mother raised three children on in her own with one being handicapped and wheel chair bound. My mom has taught me to never give up and to always keep pushing forward. My mom is so amazing and strong and deserves to be rewarded for everything she does. She is my rock! My mom's name is Denice Pekel and she lives in Shelbyville.
My Mom has taught me a lot she's determined, loving, above anything absolutely adores all 9 of her grand babies and would do anything to make sure they are happy and just having a blast. Jennifer | Sparta, Mi
My mom, Lisa Klunder of Grandville, has taught me the meaning of family. They’re not just the people you’re stuck with, they’re built-in best friends. She’s taught me that wine and cheese are the true center of the universe. If you do not love wine and cheese, we do not love you. She’s taught me to be kinder than necessary… even when it’s tough. You never know how greatly your light can impact someone. She’s taught me to sing to my heart’s content. Whether it’s in the grocery store or in our own kitchen, we’re shouting songs off key, because that’s what makes us happy. She’s taught me to snuggle. Whenever we have a long or tough day, she always takes a moment to surrender to the comfort of her kids arms. My mom’s taught me a lot of things, and I don’t see that ever stopping. She’s the most beautiful, funny woman, and I’m so blessed to be her kid.