Dancing with the Stars week 8: which couples made it to the semifinals

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) If you’re a Dancing with the Stars fan, you know that if you’re not good by week 8, you’re going home. The viewers want to see those 10s!

This week, Bonner Bolton was sent home… which did not come as a surprise. Bonner has never been much of a dancer, but his good looks won over all the ladies. We will miss his rock hard abs and big, bright smile.

Scores from DWTS Week 8

  • Rashad and Emma: 75/80
  • Normani and Val: 79/80
  • Bonner and Sharna: 58/80 – eliminated
  • Simone and Sasha: 72/80
  • David and Lindsay: 65/80

Normani is on FIRE! If she’s not your pick to win season 24, then you better check yourself! The Fifth Harmony star nailed two very different style dances – one being raw and passionate, while the other was light-hearted and fun.

“The piece is so symbolic of times I felt helpless and desperate.” -Normani

Overall, trio night was a success. These stars couldn’t be more fun to watch, and we look forward to seeing Normani, Rashad, Simone, and David in the semifinals!

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