DWTS week 7: double elimination and surprise dance offs

CREDIT: abcanet

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It was an incredible Movie Night on Dancing With the Stars, featuring a performance from the cast of Descendants 2.

Week 7 scores

With the winner of the night and immunity going to Normani.

  • Bonner and Sharna: 29/40
  • Nancy and Artem: 36/40
  • Simone and Sasha: 37/40
  • Nick and Peta: 33/40
  • Rashad and Emma: 37/40
  • David and Lindsay: 32/40
  • Normani and Val: 40/40 

The episode felt like it was about 3 hours long, because there was just so much going on! Topping off all the awesome, the show ended with several dance offs, followed by the daunting double elimination.

Dance off winners (adding 2 points to your score)

  • Simone vs. Nancy – WINNER: Simone
  • Rashad vs. David – WINNER: Rashad
  • Nick vs. Bonner – WINNER: Bonner

Unlike last week’s horrible elimination of Heather Morris, this week was much less surprising. Although, it was still hard to say goodbye, as we’ve grown to love these two stars.

Who was eliminated?

Nick Viall…

…and Nancy Kerrigan.

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