How 3D printing impacts students

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – The sooner students experience 3D printing, the sooner they will be able to use this unique learning tool as a way to innovate and solve problems. Also, along the way, they’ll learn principles of design, mathematics, physics, art and technology.

See how these concepts are impacting students at Kent ISD schools, in the video above!

Join the 3D Printer Challenge today:

  • Select a district/school to receive a Dremel 3D printer.
  • Contribute $3,000 to purchase a printer, plus enough printing supplies for a classroom of eager learners.
  • Get Involved! Partner with teachers to present lessons that solve real-life problems and share valuable information about STEM-related careers.
  • Get recognized with your organization’s name on their webpage, on the printer in the classroom, and at the annual Partner Breakfast from the Career Readiness Department. Plus, you’ll get thank you’s from students who will share what they’ve created and learned, thanks to your donation.

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