Daniel Ewer, the wrong way runner

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Daniel Ewer signed up for the only sport offered to Kindergarteners in Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) in 2015… cross-country.

His first race was the GRPS Invitational, and just 50 yards in he “blew a tire”, losing a shoe. Daniel turned around, thought for a split second, and then took off! He finished the 400m in around the middle of the pack, with one muddy sock.

After stepping up to 800m as a promoted second grader last fall, he wanted to run in the Turkey Trot, which was advertised in the GRPS cross-country schedule. He completed the 1K without any huff and puff, so his family had no concerns of him doing a mile at the St Rose run in Hastings. He’d also been doing agility training as part of soccer practice at Midwest United, so he definitely had the endurance for it.

Race day in Hastings, he set off with a small number of participants in the mile, a few minutes after the 5K had left on the same course. The volunteer missed his U-turn and he kept on running. Daniel checked the Garmin his uncle got him for Christmas, and saw he was over a mile.

“I must be running the 5K” he thought.

And on he went, only worried his parents “might be mad”. Daniel finished the 5K in a time of 33:04, tracked on his trusty Garmin watch! The race organizers gave him a race number and a t-shirt as reward.

He spent the next week telling everyone he ran “an accidental 5K”! So after a lot of research into 1Ks and miles, his family scrapped the lot that day, and got him on some 5Ks instead. The River Bank Run will be Daniel’s first “official” 5K. If one thing is for sure, he will always finish the race, even if it’s the wrong one!

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