DWTS week 4: “Most Memorable Year” night

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – We always love the “Most Memorable Year” night on Dancing With the Stars, because we get to know the cast a little deeper. There were stories of heartache and triumph… and then there was Nick Viall narrowing thirty women down to 1 in one year. Although, Viall was not the only one with a funny memory. Erika Jayne’s most memorable year was the year she became successful – which only makes sense, because it’s Erika’s world and we’re all just living in it.


Normani and Valentin: 32/40

Nick and Peta: 30/40

Nancy and Artem: 33/40

Mr. T and Kym: 28/40

Heather and Maksim: 35/40

David and Lindsay: 31/40

Rashad and Emma: 39/40

Erika and Gleb: 30/40

Simone and Sasha: 36/40

Bonner and Sharna: 36/40

**With Rashad and Emma taking the win!

We’ll always remember you…

Who got eliminated on Dancing With the Stars week 4? When it came down to it, Mr. T was sent home.

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