How to: adopt an attitude of gratitude

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It has been proven that adopting an attitude of gratitude will lead to improvement in both your physical and psychological health. Feeling appreciation for what you already have will also improve your relationships, and open the door to new relationships. In fact, people who are grateful generally experience less anger, sleep better, have improved self esteem, and are more easily able to overcome difficult circumstances.

A simple way to cultivate more gratitude in your life is to practice a “Gratitude Meditation”. This is a form of meditation where you focus on all of the people and things that you feel grateful for. Practicing a meditation of this nature is a great cure for depression and will lead you to a more content and productive life.

Find a comfortable space to sit and close your eyes. Let go of negativity and lists to do. Let go of annoyances and worry – start to focus on your breath and the actual sound of your breathing.  As you begin to relax, allow the mind to visualize the things in your life that you are grateful for. You can set a timer before you start or simply stay as long as you like. Feel grateful and breathe while being still.

Challenge yourself to do this practice once a day for the next 5 days! See what a difference the mind can make.

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