Make-up on the go: Woosh Beauty revealed

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – One day, while working on the set of eightWest, my lovely and talented colleague Jordan Carson mentioned that there was an amazing beauty product that she wanted me to see, created by a few ladies who had local roots. She was so excited about this innovative brand that I just had to discover what she was raving about.

Credit: Woosh Beauty

I was super intrigued by what she shared with me, and went in search of this amazing carrying case that can change the way we think about make-up when you’re on the move. Needless to say, I was absolutely floored when our friends at WOOSH Beauty sent me a box of goodies to try on my own.

The company is “female owned and operated dedicated to providing innovative and practical solutions to very real beauty issues all women face.” Insert high five to girl power here… And I just love the product line because when I saw it for the first time, I knew that it “just made sense”. Especially for the woman that may be a novice to applying make-up but wants and needs to look good all the time. So when I received my very own products in the mail, I was stoked. The packaging had me at “Hello” because it is simple, clean and modern. What can I say, I am a sucker for first impressions and great design, it’s important!

 The packaging had me at “Hello” because it is simple, clean and modern. 

Once I began unpacking the box, I found that they had sent me just about everything I would need that would simplify beauty for me while I am out and about. Their practical product offerings include items like: the Fold-out Face Palette with Corresponding Makeup Brushes, Even Eye Stencils, the Corner Brush Eye Stamper, an Eyeliner Wheel, the Flex & Curl Mascara with Lash Shield and the Mobile Vanity. Seriously, I could go on and on about their super cool and easy to use beauty products. The website boasts that WOOSH is best characterized as “beauty simplified” and I couldn’t agree more.

Credit: Woosh Beauty

I am so head over heels for Woosh that I honestly don’t even know where to start but let’s begin with the Even Eye Stencils. I adore these stencils because you can finally stop using clear tape on your face to achieve the perfect smoky eye without all the fuss. The stencils were “designed to comfortably sit under your eyes” and makes it easier to get both eyes to match without the mess. They protect the skin from powder fall out and they don’t hurt when you remove them, unlike tape which can sometimes leave your skin red and irritated. “Just place, apply, peel and go!” You’re going to love these!

Credit: Woosh Beauty

The eye stencils complement the Corner Brush Eye Stamper nicely because both tools work together to help you achieve an even eye. The Corner Brush is a game changer because it is “a “V” shaped brush that serves as the perfect outline to guide you toward super easy, sexy eyes – all on your own”. You can top it all off with the Double Decker Liner, which is a HOT ITEM that is typically SOLD OUT on the site. So when you see it, I highly encourage you to get one in your shopping cart right away. It is jet black liner combined with a carbon shadow that gives your liner the ultimate finish for a bold and dramatic eye. You can “unscrew the base for a cushion-ink liquid liner or flip-open the top for a versatile velvety shadow that can be used wet or dry”. These are three must-haves for simply beautiful eye make-up.

I have to mention the Fold Out Face Palette because literally everything that your probably lugging around or hiding under the sink in your beauty bag, “fits in the palm of your hand”. Yup…everything! It has shadows, concealers, contouring powders, blush, blending powders and a finishing powder. But the best part is…it provides step by step instructions on how to apply and includes essential dual-ended brushes to use for every single step! It’s Michigan-made, can simplify your beauty routine and is literally amazing.But what takes Woosh even further, ultimately to the next level in my eyes is the Makeup Mobile System Vanity Bag (MMS System) which is a dream come true. This black, chic carrying case has a durable outside and a silky smooth but smart inside. I was so impressed because it “strategically holds everything you need, unfolds fast for instant access at your fingertips, and quickly zips up to go anywhere- like a chic handbag”.

Credit: Woosh Beauty

It’s the perfect pop-up vanity for photo-shoots, TV appearances, and bridal parties or just about anywhere you need to bring make-up with you for great face. The lightweight LED mirror inside is cord-free, battery operated and a really nice size. It fits nicely inside your beauty bag and is able to stand-alone whether you’re in your kitchen or at your desk at work trying to freshen up for happy hour. The mirror provides perfect lighting anytime and anywhere. Can you say, ‘best investment EVER?’

This product line is perfection, I couldn’t WOOSH for better!

Woosh Beauty has been featured in Real Simple, W and The Oprah Magazine just to name a few. The products have been receiving rave reviews and they deserve it because these two local leading ladies have created an innovative, smart and intelligent beauty line that will improve the lives of many everyday women.  Bobbie and Andrea created the line out of a mutual belief that women should support each other and helping women look their personal best by providing quality products and instruction has been extraordinary for women all around the world. And it shows!

I am a HUGE fan of Woosh Beauty and if you give them a try, I guarantee that you will be too. If you sign up online today, you’ll receive 15% off of your very first purchase!

This product line is perfection, I couldn’t WOOSH for better!

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