Viewer-submitted April Fool’s Day tricks to try on your loved ones

CREDIT: Thinkstock

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – April 1st calls for making the loved ones around you look a bit, well, foolish. Below are viewer-submitted pranks that have been tested as successful! Good luck!

  1. “The day after lotto numbers were picked, my hubby bought a ticket with those same numbers. During his morning meeting at work, he had a coworker check the previous day’s numbers. Hubby pretended to hyperventilate because he had ‘won.'”
  2. “Scraped the cream out of Oreos one year and replaced it with white toothpaste. Hilarious day at work!”
  3. “My dear friend who will remain nameless. She put for sale signs in another friends front yard. He received a few phone calls.”
  4. “My kids changed all the clocks in the house so my husband left for work an hour early.”
  5. “Switched the sugar with salt….watched my Dad put 4 tablespoons of salt in his morning coffee…..”
  6. “Put a photo on the bottom of their computer mouse. It won’t work. When they turn it over they will see why. Also, the paper spider taped to the inside of a lampshade is a good one. Took my roommate 3 days to notice and then flipped out.”
  7. “My kids get me every year by turning the sprayer on at the kitchen faucet. Rubber banding the handle down, so when you turn the faucet on, well you know!”
  8. “I put a red dye tablet in our shower head do when my daughter took a shower the water came out red and it may have also turned her a little red for the day.”
  9. “Place a very official looking letter from the copy machine company stating that it has been updated for “voice command”….you’d be surprised how many people start talking to a machine!”
  10. “Put baby powder in the vents of your coworkers cars so when they turn their air on they get blasted.”
  11. “My pre- teen kids brought my Mom a big beautiful romaine lettuce salad with tomato slices – she was exclaiming how lovely as thoughtful it was – until she saw their vibrant green tree snake slithering in the lettuce leaves!”
  12. “A guy at work was going thru a break up with a co worker and I told him his truck tires were flat. I never seen a guy go to the parking lot so fast. He wasn’t crazy about that prank.”
  13. “While working at a gas station I had a guy come in to pay for his gas, handed me a hundred dollar bill and said I need a soda too and went to get it. When he came back to the register I said “oh no…..I just gave your change to the guy going out the door!” He started to go get him when I yelled April Fools!”
  14. I told my kids spring break was canceled. I said that the school was getting a make over. Lot of remodeling that would take longer than the summer so they had to go back to school on Monday but school would end June 1st instead of the 9th. They were so bummed. The wanted spring break. Lol”
  15. “Since it’s on Saturday this year a great one is to wake everyone up telling them late for school or work.”

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