Holland Hospital celebrates 100 years of serving West Michigan

HOLLAND, Mich.-Holland Hospital has been a staple in the community for a century. This year, Holland Hospital is celebrating its 100th year of service to the West Michigan community! The hospital’s rich history began humbly, in the personal home of Dr. Henry Kremers on E. 12th St. and Central Ave. in Holland.  Now, the hospital has grown into a top 50 hospital in the nation, while creating local access to care for 250,000 people each year.

The mission of Holland Hospital is “to continually improve the health of the communities we serve in the spirit of hope, respect, compassion and dignity”.  The hospital lives out this mission through various programs and services aimed at enhancing access to care for their residents.  Below is a summary of three programs that encompass the hospital’s effort to give back to community. We are proud to partner with Holland Hospital as they continue to give back and improve the health of the local community.

Holland Community Health Center

Holland Hospital funds the Holland Community Health Center which provides access to care for the uninsured and under-insured residents of our community.  Two Primary Care physicians along with a team of interdisciplinary health professionals and volunteers deliver high quality care and service to their patients.  Approximately 15,000 visits occurred at the center in 2016, including 500 new patients.  The Center was recently recognized by the State of Michigan for achieving benchmark immunization rates.  Other innovative programs offered at the Center include “Reach Out and Read” which promotes early literacy for the pediatric patients who are served there.

Breast Care Fund

Early detection and treatment are critical in the fight against breast cancer. Holland Hospital recognizes there are women in West Michigan who delay or completely avoid seeking breast care because of the inability to pay for screening and/or diagnostic breast health services. To alleviate this financial barrier, the Hospital created a Breast Care Fund. The Fund was built with private and corporate donations and a major grant from the Susan G. Komen – Michigan Foundation. From April, 2015 to March, 2016 the fund assisted 99 women by paying for 122 procedures including screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds, biopsies and pathology studies. From April, 2015 to December, 2015 the Fund assisted 88 women by covering the costs of 112 procedures.

School Nursing Program

The Holland Hospital School Nurse Program employs a team of nurses who provide services to 12,450 children in 25 schools among 5 school districts in our local area.  The services provided in the health offices include medication administration, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, and individualized treatment plans for children with special needs.  In the schools that are served, 75% of students visited the health office at least once during the school year, and 88% of the students seen were returned to the classroom.  Additionally, the school nurses provide health education and medical emergency support for these students.  For many students, the school nurse may be the only provider they have access to.

Holland Hospital is proud to ‘Live Local and Give Local’.

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