‘Where Hope Lies’: A book of love, heartache and perseverance

Hope Alcocer shares her personal struggles in a new book, hoping to inspire and heal others.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-West Michigan native, Hope Alcocer, has spent the last several years discovering herself and finding strength to talk about her personal journey of love, loss, PTSD and depression. Her creative outlet was writing a blog, which turned into the book, ‘Where Hope Lies’. As a military significant other, Alcocer realized that when a loved one goes off to serve in the military, they sometimes return as a changed person. For her, this change was a lot to handle, and she began struggling with the question, “Do I stay, or walk away?”

As therapy, she began writing a blog on Tumbler from 2010-2012 called ‘Diary of an Army Girlfriend’. Thousands followed the blog, which ultimately was used as a resource by the military to support groups for significant others.

‘Where Hope Lies’ took five years to write, and helped aid in her recovery of depression and PTSD. The book’s characters are based on real people, however traits and attributes were changed to create fictional characters. Alcocer hopes the book will inspire everyone who has struggled with finding peace through tough times.. For more information, you can follow Hope Alocer’s blog and website.

An autographed copy of ‘Where Hope Lies’ can be purchased here.

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