One hour remodeling projects you can accomplish this week

standale interiors

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – You’ve made the decision to stay home this spring break, so you’re probably already working on an activies list for your kids. But what about some fun, inexpensive, not-time-consuming remodeling projects for you? Here are four projects that should take barely an hour but you’ll feel and see the dramatic changes for years to come!

Light up your kitchen or bathroom

If you love the home improvement shows on TV as much as we do, you’ve certainly noticed the trend of funky, cool, and usually functional lighting for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether a new light fixture is just the start of a remodel (large or small), concentrate on making a statement.

  • A crystal chandelier is sexy and glamorous
  • Sleek and slender can be the start of a clutter-free contemporary look
  • A polished nickel, traditional fixture will take the attention away from other less desirable finishes remaining in the room.

IF you need a ladder, make sure it’s sturdy. Turn the power off at the breaker box, swap the old fixture for a fabulous new one, turn the power back on and instant beauty!

Decorate rooms that often aren’t

  • Wouldn’t it be easier and more fun doing the laundry in a bright and organized space?
  • Put up a pretty valance, get some colored canvas sorting bags and paint the walls a soothing spa green.
  • OR what about finally organizing the garage or storage room in the basement?
  • Colored canvas or plastic bins will keep those spaces organized and looking more cohesive.

Recharge and reorder

Are you tired of the question, “Mom, where’s my cell phone or charger?” Get creative with drawer space to bring some order and sanity back into your life.

  • Choose a drawer that’s accessible for everyone
  • Find a divider that fits the drawer and will hold the electronic devices
  • Position a power strip at the back of the drawer
  • Drill a hole through the back of the drawer to accommodate the cord
  • Plug it in and everyone will always be charged up and ready to go!

Give your room a color makeover

While painting even one wall takes more than an hour, you can Find Your Color in an hour with this handy on-line tool from Better Homes and Garden.

Determine the mood of the room, then decide whether you want the walls to grab attention or just serve as a backdrop for the rest of the room

  • Use the photos they’ve provided – or better yet –
  • Download a photo of the room you want to paint
  • Try new color schemes by starting with Editor’s Picks
  • You can save your room on-line for 12 months – or –
  • Print your picture, bring it to the paint store for a color match
  • The site will even help you find a painter if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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