Completed station contests: rules and winners

Hand writing Contest with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

Completed Station Contests:

Mother’s Day Moment contest


Great Lakes Crossing Contest
Official Rules: Rules Great Lakes Crossing



Win tickets to the Meijer LPGA Classic Grand Taste
Official  Rules:Enter to win tickets to the Grand Taste at Meijer LPGA Classic
Winners: John Agar and Cynthia  Fuentes

Enter to win passes to Rebounderz
Official Rules: Enter passes to Rebounderz- summer
Winners; Christine Nicolette, Sara Alcala

Win tickets to Nitro Circus Live
Official Rules: Enter passes to Nitro Circus at Fift Third Ballpark
Winners: Elizabeth VanKlimpenberg & Larry Lablonski

Win tickets to Cedar Point
Official Rules:Enter tickets to Cedar Point
Winner: Jennifer Prymula

Enter passes for a last chance at Summer Fun
Official Rules: enter-passes-for-a-last-chance-at-summer-fun.docx
Winner: Ayenis Rojas

Win tickets to Pokemon at the GR Symphony
Official Rulesrules-pokemon-symphony.docx
Winner: Terry Kasparek

Win tickets to Rebounderz
Official Rules:  Enter to Win Tickets to Rebounderz
Winners: Nancy Pruitt & Marianne Phillips

Win a Meijer Toy Gift Bag
Official Rules: Enter to Win a Meijer Toy Bag
Winner: Edward Norris & Melissa Payne

Win tickets to Marvel 
Official Rules: Enter tickets to see Marvel Universe Live
Winners: Chad Reed, Karen Gaiten, Mark McCann

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