Give your eyes the love they deserve with this new product

nerium eye-v latesha lipscomb

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – The EYES Have It! Ladies! Are you in need of a magical and wonderful product that can hydrate your eye area and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time? Then allow me to introduce you to Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost, a glorious little box of hydrogel patches that are eye opening!

Nerium Eye-V is the latest and greatest skincare product from an international multilevel marketing company called Nerium. These eye patches promise to “awaken your eyes with an intensive hydrating boost of essential age defying ingredients” and these little babies are currently all the rave in Hollywood.

nerium eye-v latesha

Like many other eye care specialty products and treatments, Nerium works to alleviate wicked little wrinkles, reduce puffiness and demolish the signs of aging. I feel in love because of the fact that the patches actually work…and they work well. Not to mention, they are so incredibly easy to use! First you place the skin patches underneath your eyes…you know in the baggy area that can sometimes be plagued by dark circles or “crows feet”. Then you wait one hour. After that… you remove the patches and your skin is instantly clearer, more refreshed and smoother in that area.

So whether you’re a mom in desperate need of a girls night out and you don’t want to look as tired as you actually are or if you’re a make-up artist needing to give the star treatment to an A-list celebrity, Nerium Eye-V is a great first step to looking your very best in a cinch.
The eye patches contain Aloe Vera extract, glycerin, green tea and lavender extract. These botanicals and herbals were most appreciated because I tried them while taking a 45-minute cat nap before getting ready for a dinner party recently. I absolutely adored them because it was like resting at a spa in the comfort of my own home. And while I was getting pretty, it made for a much better application of concealer and foundation while I was applying my make-up.

Nerium Eye-V will firm your skin and brighten the appearance of the skin around your eyes, so this means you don’t have to use as much of a highlighter or Banana Powder when your “baking” during your make-up routine if that is an added step that you’ve incorporated into your make-up regimen.

cosmo nerium eye-v latesha

This product is currently available through Nerium distributors worldwide but there are a few local leading ladies that are my “go-to” for goodies from Nerium. Kris Combs was kind enough to send me these beauties because she knew that I’d just love them as a woman on the go and as a Make-up Artist. If you’d like to “never look tired again” as suggested in a recent article in Cosmopolitan Magazine, I highly recommend that you contact her by calling 616-446-1753 or by sending and email to

The eyes are a woman’s most powerful feature, so be sure to give yours some TLC every now and again with Nerium Eye-V. I promise, everybody will see the difference!

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