Fun family fitness: Classes, facilities, ideas, and more

kids drum class

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – With the weather warming up soon, now is a great time to commit to fitness as a family. Maranda dedicated her entire show to health and fitness. Below you will find fun exercise classes, community facilities, and more.

Have your kids train like a ninja

Does your child like to flip, run and have fun? Gymco has some awesome freestyle classes that will give your child their ‘ninja training’. Check out the video above where Maranda takes viewers behind the scenes at one of these fun classes. Kids can learn body control, aerial awareness, flipping, twisting, side rolling, balance, and coordination. Classes are co-ed and offered to ages 6 and up.

Already a ninja? Two hour advanced classes are available for kids 8 and older, based on instructor approval.

Kids drum for fun during gym class

It’s time to move and make some noise! Timberline Charter Academy rocks the house using only plastic bins, exercise balls, and drumsticks. It’s part of a class to get students moving. Check out the video above to see being active and having fun is great for the students mentally and physically.

Jump your way to fitness

There are so many different ways to get fit. The key is to find something that you love. Some people like to run, others lift weights, but Maranda found a fun, new place to exercise. Bounce your way to health at Bouncing Fitness in Rockford.

Benefits of Bouncing Fitness

  • Improves coordination
  • Works your entire core
  • Enhances digestion and elimination
  • Combats depression
  • Aids lymphatic circulation
  • Improves balance
  • Relives menstrual discomfort
  • Stimulates metabolism

Family workout with a ‘kick’!

There’s a new destination for families to get active and start moving together. CKO Kickboxing offers classes that utilize 150 pound punching bags. It’s a great workout for women because it works the core, burns calories, reduces stress, and builds bone density. It’s also great for kids because it burns energy and keeps their brains focused and learning. Participants leave feeling strong, powerful, and confident.

Try something new with Jake the trainer

Jake Siegel is an amazing personal trainer, and gave Maranda a few tips. Check out the video above to learn a new exercise with a piece of equipment you’ll want to start using!

Family workout facility at YMCA

There’s a place in town where all children and families can come to make a commitment to living a little healthier.

The Mary Free Bed YMCA is different from any other YMCA. It’s the first in the world to receive the Universal Design Award from Syracuse University, which means it is accessible to people of all abilities. There are no stairs in the entire facility, except an emergency exit, and no transition strips between flooring. They offer classes for all abilities including adjustments for people with visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, or injury.

The Mary Free Bed YMCA has classic offerings including traditional fitness classes and Les Mills programs as well as sports courts like volleyball and basketball. The location takes it one step further by offering wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and opens any class that doesn’t involve equipment (like Zumba, Body Combat, and Body Flow) to kids ages seven and up so families can exercise together.

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