15 things you need to replace right now

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Spring is here so it’s time to get your clean on! Tackle all those projects you’ve been putting off this winter, starting with replacing some common items you use everyday! The sponge on your kitchen counter…do you even know how long it’s been there? How old are your pillows? Are you still using that same mascara you bought at the beginning of the year? There are so many things that we don’t even think about that carry germs and bacteria that can affect your health, your skin and especially the cleanliness of your home. Here’s a list of everyday items that should be replaced regularly. Happy cleaning!

1. Sponges

Your kitchen sponge is the top source of germs in your whole house – even more than the bathroom! The warm, moist environment is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. You can extend your sponges life by wetting it and putting it in the microwave for two minutes to eliminate germs but really the best thing  to do is replace them every three or four weeks.

2. Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser

Drinking water is so important and so is replacing your refrigerator water filter! If used for too long, contaminates and bacteria can get trapped in the filter which can affect the quality and the purity of your water. Make sure you and your family are drinking good clean water by replacing that filter very 6 months!

3. Make-up

Cosmetics on white background

Who doesn’t love make-up? What I don’t love however are eye infections, skin rashes and acne…all things (and more) than can be caused by old make-up and dirty brushes. Technically there are no expiration dates on beauty products, however any beauty expert will tell you all products have a shelf life! To prevent bacteria growth replace mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow every three to six months and lipstick and face powder every year. You should also be cleaning your brushes regularly and if you use a sponge applicant for foundation those should be replaced too every 2 weeks if not sooner. For other make-up tips and fun beauty info be sure to check our beauty expert Latesha’s page!

4. Medications

Pills Spilling From Bottle

Over the counter and prescription medications lose potency over time. Some can even contain degradation byproducts that can be harmful. In honor of spring cleaning, you should throw out all expired medications – you should do this once a year, around the same time each year. Why not start a new tradition that will keep you and your family safe and better taken care of!

5. Toothbrushes

Our mouths are filled with bacteria which is why brushing your teeth is so important! Frayed bristles don’t clean your teeth as well and bacteria can build up on your toothbrush over time. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months.

6. Pillows

modern style bedroom with pillows on bed


Hair and body oils can soak into pillows, causing bacteria to grow…YUCK! Pillows should be replaced every year or two – one year for everyday sleeping pillows and two years for pillows that are not. They can also loose their shape which can cause back and neck injuries or discomfort. FUN FACT: If you use pillow protectors you can double your pillow’s life!

7. Old Bras


Bras are a girls best friend, they’re close to your heart and they always support you….or at least they’re suppose to! Typically a bra can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years depending upon how much you year it. Old bras can actually do the opposite for you, meaning they’re not very supportive and that an cause discomfort and back pains. Do yourself and your girls a favor by throwing away your old bras and investing in some new ones!

8. Sunscreen


The shelf life of sunscreen is three years, but if you really want to play it safe, replace your sunscreen every year. Old sunscreen is not as effective which means you could not be getting the proper protection exposing you to harmful UV rays. Any lotion should really be replaced after a year or so but especially sunscreen!


Spa towels

Even if you regularly wash your towels, they are constantly exposed to all sorts of bacteria. Bacteria from your face, from your body, from the shower, the floor, your hands etc. They’re basically a breeding grown for bacteria to grow and develop, making them unsanitary PLUS they also loose their softness and effectiveness if over washed. Invest in some new towels in you’ve had yours for a while.

10. Bath Mats

This small piece of fabric probably get even more wear and tear than your towels. They come in contact with shoes, water, feet, anything that falls of your counters, and more. I put a 2 year time limit, tops, on my bath mat, not to mention they just look grungy after a while.

11. Spices

If your food has been tasting a little bland lately, the culprit could be the age of your herbs and spices — most lose their pungency within six months. Go through your spices and throw out ones that are old or that seem to be ineffective. Some spices “are not so nice”.

12. Scratched Non-Stick Pans

If you see any scratches in your nonstick pans, it’s time to throw them away or invest in new ones. The “non-stick” coating can come off when you’re cooking and chemicals can leak into your food which is not good.

13. Contact Lens Cases

If you’re constantly putting contacts in and taking them out or throwing the case in your purse or your travel bag of course the case is going to get grimy. Throw that thing out girl and get a new one! You should buy a new contact lens case every three months to reduce the risk of an infection. No body wants a case on pink eye!

14. Plastic Tuber Wear


Tupperware seems to last forever, all good things must come to an end! When you think about it, your tuber wear goes through a lot. You are constantly heating and reheating it, tossing it around in your cabinet, dropping it, forcing lids on that don’t fit…the life of a tuber wear is hard! With all that “life” its experienced it’s easy for them to wear out and age making them less functional and in some cases smell horrid even if you wash it all the time! (Gosh so frustrating!!)  Another thing you might want to consider is If you have any tuber wear sitting in your cabinets from 2010, you might want to consider tossing them out too. Those made before 2010 can contain BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical that leaks into food as containers age or get heated. Umm…thanks but no thanks I don’t want chemicals in my food!

15. Slippers

There is nothing better than taking off the heels and putting on those comfy slippers at the end of the day, but before you do you might want to think about when the last time was that you replaced them or washed them? Slippers are huge culprits of holding fungus and other bacteria, after all they do hold your bear feet. To avoid fungal infections wash your slippers regularly and/or replace them every six months so you can keep putting your best foot/feet forward!


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