Preventing trauma with ThinkFirst at HDVCH


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) -ThinkFirst is a program to teach students the consequences of poor choices and the importance of good decision-making. ThinkFirst is dedicated to prevention of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries through effective education.

Our unique and powerful tool is our VIP (Voices for Injury Prevention) segment. VIPs are individuals who have sustained a traumatic injury through a poor choice that they or someone else made. They live with those consequences daily by dealing with a lifelong disability.

VIPs provide their personal testimony and peer-to-peer interaction with students so that others can learn from their mistakes and prevent a traumatic injury or death. Partnered with our VIPs is a health educator who will provide valuable information about how most injuries in our community occur, how to prevent them, and will show models of the brain and spinal cord to demonstrate what happens to those parts of the body when they are injured.

ThinkFirst is an exceptional program available to schools at no cost. For additional information contact Kim Hernden at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Program,

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