Week 11: Champagne runs, cheesy pasta, and our new Bachelorette

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Last night Nick Viall sent home one of the sweetest contestants The Bachelor has ever had. Rachel, we’ll miss you… but not for long! Luckily, we’ll be seeing her gorgeous smile shortly on The Bachelorette!

Here’s what America had to say about the episode

Here’s what America had to say about Women Tell All

Safe to say, by the end of her time on The Bachelor, Corinne made the difficult leap from “villain” to “fan favorite”. How so? She unforgivingly left the show to grab a glass of champagne, refused to apologize for taking a nap, and served the crowd “cheesy pasta” in honor of her nanny.

Although, Taylor wasn’t having ANY of it. The girl was practically shaking with anger. One more minute and that cheesy pasta would’ve been smashed in Corinne’s face.

Kristina shared more of her beautiful story, that America believes isn’t finished. She confessed that people have already been contacting her, and that she hopes to help change many more lives. The women were in tears.

The two women that really fought Nick the most on Women Tell All were Danielle L. and Kristina. Both felt as if they weren’t given a fair shot at love and left the show completely confused. Nick expressed the fact that he knows how they feel. He said he’s sorry that it felt like they were blind sided, but his decision was more-so in comparison to the other girls. Almost in tears, he said “I can only do my best.”

Rachel came out looking down right HOT! Nothing like a little beauty revenge when seeing your ex for the first time. Surprisingly, the two didn’t focus on their relationship on the show at all – the discussion was purely on her as the new Bachelorette. Rachel said she doesn’t have a type, and that she’s very humbled and honored to have this opportunity.


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