Drama and heartbreak on tonight’s 3 hour special of The Bachelor

Credit: ABC ANET

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Alright, ladies. If Monday night’s weren’t already the best, this Monday March 6th we get to binge watch 3 hours of our favorite reality TV show, The Bachelor. Below, see what we’ve been doing to celebrate this dramatic season and how we’re giving back to our dedicated viewers!

The Bachelor: Hours 1 & 2

After confessing her love, Raven and Nick have a very special romantic night in the fantasy suite with a dream-come-true ending. Safe to say, things are definitely heating up with this couple.

Following Raven’s date, Nick and Rachel cross country ski to a reindeer farm where they cozy up in front of a roaring fire. The question is, will Rachel let her true feelings be known?

Finally, Nick and Vanessa must deal with the aftermath of her contentious hometown date that didn’t go as smoothly as either would have liked. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome if they are to share a future together.

All of the dates are filled with passion and excitement, as Nick continues to explore what his future might be like with each of these potential mates. But classic Bachelor style, everyone is on edge – especially Nick – as he prepares to deliver a shocking elimination to someone he loves at the rose ceremony.

Women Tell All: Hour 3

Sarah and Lacey take Corinne head on about what annoyed them the most about her: was it her taking a nap during the first rose ceremony or her strip tease during the first group date?

Liz takes the hot seat and immediately gets defensive about her one-night stand with Nick, how she handled it with him and how she confronted the other women about it. Was telling the story at a group date / play setting the best idea?

Taylor attempts to set the record straight about her and Corinne, which leads to an outburst. Immediately following, Corinne takes the hot seat… and she doesn’t disappoint (does she ever?). She lets loose on Taylor – and everyone else.

Kristina, after sharing her heartbreaking story with Nick, continues to discuss what her life was like at the orphanage in Russia and why she made the decision to come to America to better her life.

Finally, Nick takes the hot seat and faces the ladies for the first time since he said goodbye to them. The tension is CRAZY as the women, including Danielle L. and Kristina, grill him about whether or not they were given a fair shot at love.

Looking ahead, Rachel explains how she is dealing with being named the new Bachelorette and offers some clues as to what type of man she is looking for.

It all starts TONIGHT on My ABC WOTV 4. Get the full primetime lineup, here.

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