West Michigan job fair seeking positions for local school districts


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – With a job fair Tuesday, March 7, Kent ISD and EDUStaff seek to increase the substitute teachers and support staff local districts badly need. The job fair takes place from 10am-2pm at Kent ISD’s administration building, 2930 Knapp Street NE, Grand Rapids, 49525.

EDUStaff is a Grand Rapids area company formed in 2010 to provide substitute staff for schools and works with many districts across the state. (EDUStaff is also a sponsor of School News Network.)

Finding substitute staff is increasingly difficult for schools, according to Kent ISD Superintendent Ron Caniff. “As Michigan’s job market has improved, our districts are having a tough time finding good staff, including subs. And these subs are a critical resource and an important part of the school family. They help students keep learning when staff are out ill, tending to the needs of their own families, or participating in the professional development that improves achievement.”

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