Gazelle Girl Heather starts journey to 10K

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Heather Koetsier  is on the road to run the Gazelle Girl 10K. After being awarded the Sole Sisters scholarship, which helps with training and support, Heather has been training week by week in order to cross the finish line! Here is her latest update of how training went last week:


January 31-feb 5.

Off to a good start.  Managed to get 1 hour of run/ walking in today!  I felt strong, and even ran some!  It was freezing this week so I limited the other two times to 30/45 minutes.  I’ve noticed when it’s this cold, it’s hard to regulate my breathing and my watery eye lashes freeze together!

Feb 5-11

I’ve hit a plateau my energy is low.  Most likely due to getting called into work ( night shift) low on my beauty rest and mixing up my sleep schedule .  Was up for 28 hours straight.  But even in the hardest weeks I’m still lapping everyone out there who is still in bed!!

Read an interesting devotion today…..

It stated that “although praying is ideal,it alone won’t get you over the finish line.  YOU have to put forth some serious effort. YOU have to apply the energy, power and desire that will move you forward your goal.”

” you can’t just lie in bed and pray for God to do the rest”  ” get up!

Well if that wasn’t clear!  Guess I gotta just move!

Feb 12-19

This spring weather in February is such a treat!!  Got out quite a lot this week.  Saturday we went around reeds lake. A dear friend came along and we conquered 6.25 miles. 12,000 plus steps and burned 1300 calories!  ( according to her fit bit). That was a burst of self confidence!

Proud of myself today bc I was forced to go out there on my own….  I wanted to turn around ! Several times but I pushed thru! 5 miles!

Each week I’m a step closer to my goal.  I still have a ways to go to feel more comfortable and less tired but I’m doing it!

Sign up for race day:

gazelle girl run

Grand Gazelle Girl 5k/10k/Half Marathon
Sunday April 23rd in Downtown Grand Rapids
Register here. 
Register by Friday, March 31 to get your name on your bib

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