Take a sip at Sip Organic Juice Bar

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Today, I had my first Sip Organic Juice Bar experience, and it was all the good things. I mean, you guys, it was like stepping into a breath of fresh air – I kid you not. The culture at Sip is friendly and kind – and the juices, a taste of heaven. I decided to try one of their famous acai bowls, and was nothing but pleased. The bowl included pure unsweetened Brazilian acai, cocunut milk, banana, spinach, and date, topped with Jenergy granola, banana and berries. Safe to say, I magically feel healthy after just one sitting.

My Sip friends also let me try, and filled me in on, their new Fire Cider elixir. It was tangy, spicy, and completely fantastic. This elixir promises to “repel wolves, cure boredom, and cure hangovers.” In other words, help you wake up quickly and naturally! I think my reaction says it all.

Sip Organic Juice Bar is committed to using the highest quality, most local, sustainable ingredients available to us. They also compost, recycle, and produce very little trash. This, is why WOTV 4 Women loves our local West Michigan Juice Bar.

They have two locations: one in Eastown (pictured) and one in Forest Hills. For more on Sip, visit their website.