How do I determine the cost of a remodel?

home kitchen remodel

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – At Standale Interiors, we’re often asked how much a typical kitchen remodeling costs. “There is no such thing as a typical remodeling project” we say.

A remodeling project and the people providing the service tear your house apart and put it back together in a way that makes your home better for you and how you live.

MONEY: That’s usually what folks focus on. But remodeling isn’t a commodity. It’s a service that produces a product. What you’re buying is a service relationship.

TIME: Even though I’m in the business, I didn’t even realize all the time and effort required to make the project go as smoothly as possible. There are many decisions to be made. Since most folks don’t do this on a regular basis, but will be living with their decisions for years to come, it just makes sense to MAKE THE TIME. The less expensive the remodeling contractor, the more time YOU will spend on decision making.

FRUSTRATION AND STRESS: Saving money comes at a cost. That’s just life. “There is no free lunch” Even working with an experienced remodeler, there will be some stress. Again, the less expensive and experienced the remodeler, the more stress and frustration you will encounter.

Good things typically cost more. In the end, everyone pays the same “price.” What varies is the proportion of money, time and frustration that goes with that price.

SOURCE: Remodeling magazine

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