The impact of the Connecting With Community Awards


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — With less than a week until the Connecting with Community Awards nomination deadline, we checked in with one of our previous award winners. Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative, a non-profit in Grand Rapids, was our CWC Award winner from 2015.

ELNC is an organization designed to bring care and education to children in vulnerable neighborhoods around our city. They look to provide early childhood care and engage children at a young age in their local arts, literature, culture, economy, and history. Children can also struggle to reach their true potential or find their own unique talents because of their economic or geographic circumstances. ELNC works to level these barriers and give all children the room to grow.

Since receiving the Connecting with Community Award, the program has gone on to partner with Amway and Kaboom! to build a community playground, which was dedicated by Lt. Governor Brian Calley. Winning the CWC Awards also helped ELNC gain more exposure to the public and they have been able to reach more families in their community.

There is still time to nominate for this year’s awards, so if there is a business or nonprofit that you know of that deserves to be recognized, head over to the nominations page. The Deadline is this Tuesday, February 28th. Nominate today!

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