Ease your mind, declutter your home with these easy tips

pile of clothes clutter cleaning

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Less is definitely more and like the mind, clutter in the home can lead to stress. Clutter is distracting to the mind and the eye, it can give you a “weighed down” feeling. Clutter can even manifest into weight gain and depression. Freeing yourself of clutter will help you to feel more productive, happier and thus healthier.

Give yourself a small achievable goal, one area of your home at a time. Start with a drawer or closet. Allow your self to donate things of value or throw things away that no one really needs.

Recycle. Once you have completed one small area, set up a time a goal for the next closet, shelf or room. You will be surprised how accomplished you will feel after completing just one of your goals.

Reducing the physical clutter in your home and life will also help you to reduce the mental clutter that naturally accompanies it. You will be better able to process your feelings and let go of negative emotions and experiences.

We would LOVE to see your before and after photos here at WOTV 4 Women, submit your pictures in the comments below!

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