Be aware, be educated: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, these are all eating disorders and they are important to talk about. Being a mental health concern, eating disorders have a stigma that needs to be broken so lives can be saved. Gail Hall of Michigan Eating Disorder Alliance joined Maranda in studio to talk on this important subject. MiEDA was founded to increase the awareness of eating disorders, to provide education for its prevention and to decrease stigma for sufferers.

Rachael Steil is an extremely accomplished public speaker, author, runner, and survivor of an eating disorder. Rachael joined Maranda to share her powerful story, and how she’s using that experience to help others. Educate yourself during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, February 26 through March 4th.

Warning signs

  • Dieting young is a developing predictor
  • 62% of teen girls are trying to lose weight
  • 59% of teen girls are actively dieting
  • Be aware of skipping meals/fasting

Weight shaming

  • Weight shaming threatens psychological health
  • By age 6, girls express weight concerns
  • Suffering from low self esteem is common
  • Body dissatisfaction is the largest contributor

It’s time we take eating disorders seriously as public health concerns. It’s time we bust the myths and get the facts. It’s time to celebrate recovery and the heroes who make it possible. Karen, board member of MiEDA and eating disorder survivor, joined Maranda to share her story. She wants to work tirelessly on educating the community and prevention efforts.

When it comes to eating disorders, there is no discrimination. Often looked at as something that only afflicts women, Zachary Stepanovich is helping to educate people. In the video above, this runner conquered his eating disorder and wants to help others conquer theirs.

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