Spread the love: 31 random acts of kindness


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – I learned kindness from two very important people in my life, my mom and my dad. Growing up in “girl world” can be hard. I’ll never forget the first time someone was deliberately mean to me in middle school… ugh, middle school was the worst – wasn’t it? Little did I know, that feeling that I had back then would soon be familiar. I quickly realized age did not equal maturity. There will always be people that are mean to you – even in the “real world”.

Now, here’s where the good stuff comes in.

My parents instilled in me a response like none other – a response that not even bullies could handle – and that was kindness. Kill them with kindness. One of these days, that person will wake up and realize how awesome you are… or, maybe they won’t. But you never want to give someone a reason to dislike you – don’t give them an “out” for their hate.

Kindness is free. What? Yes, it’s free. It’s also an every day choice. And, making that choice, beautifies everything it covers.

It’s a simple act, that gives struggling souls’ confidence that there’s still a lot of love in the world. It’s a simple act, that can grow exponentially. It’s a simple act, that can change your heart. It’s a simple act, that can alter a community… a state… a nation… a world.

So, West Michigan, it starts here. Let’s “sprinkle kindness like confetti”. No matter what life throws your way – whether it’s your boss yelling at you, your waiter is taking too long, or your kid is throwing a fit in the grocery store – choose kindness. Whether your friend ditches you, you get a speeding ticket, or you spill your coffee – choose kindness. Whether it’s a homeless person or a CEO, a man or a woman, no matter race or sexuality – choose kindness.

Here are 31 ways to begin.



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