Fifth Third River Bank Run: Amazing stories and community partners


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – In just a few short months, the 40th Fifth Third River Bank Run will be in Grand Rapids. There’s so many awesome reasons to participate in this great community event. One of them is to help raise money for charity partners. Maranda put the spotlight on the who serves children birth to age 26 with motor disorders related to complications of prematurity, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or brain injury.

For these children with motor disorders, even the smallest tasks – eating, buttoning a shirt, sitting in a chair –can be monumental. The Conductive Learning Center (CLC) can change that. Conductive education methodology has a transformative effect on mobility and independence. Using a holistic and intensive approach that combines medical knowledge with educational methods, your child can gain control over his or her body – and accomplish tasks you may never thought possible.

Another cool thing about participating in the Fifth Third River Bank Run is the amazing stories from local people. Tim and Cindy Penning are sharing their journey to inspire others to run! Cindy started running in 2001, her first road race was the 25k. Since then, she totally caught the running bug and runs every single day. Even during her fight with cancer, Cindy proved that nothing will stop her. She is also the first person ever to run a race on a knee scooter. Her motivation is to put her running shoes on every single day and to just ‘keep going’.  Check out the video above to hear more details about Cindy’s amazing journey.


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