Chic downtown store serving up local ‘lip love’

Credit: Latesha Lipscomb Handmade chap sticks at Dime & Regal


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-  So while perusing a lovely spot on Division Ave. that sells gorgeous handmade jewelry and trinkets, I noticed that they also offer a lovely selection of candles, essentials oils and chap sticks. Dime & Regal is a small business in the heart of the city that affectionately describes itself as “simple, elegant and sophisticated”; I couldn’t agree more. They offer handcrafted goods from local artists and makers that will make your heart swoon.

In case you’re wondering why as a beauty expert I might have chosen to write about them, let’s just say I have an obsession for beautiful things. But I was really impressed when I discovered that they even make these fabulous, little tubes of homemade goodness that your lips will absolutely love.

Sable + Co., a lifestyle brand and derivative of Dime & Regal, makes a hand poured chap stick that is just perfect for your pout in this snowy season. They are new to the collection and not even listed on the website. Yup… You’re getting the inside scoop for sure!

Because I am a huge fan of anything minimalist in design that is beautiful, simple and clean, when I saw that the store offered these lip products, I had to try them.

Credit: Latesha Lipscomb
Credit: Latesha Lipscomb

The chap sticks are all natural lip balms that are available in peppermint and vanilla. They give a whole new meaning to Michigan made as the owner, Courtney Jones, prepares them right at home in her studio kitchen. She adds ingredients like bees wax, essential oils or extracts and lots of love. And you can feel it when you layer it on your lips.

Having a solid skin care regimen is priority number one when it comes to looking your best. Remember, make-up doesn’t always correct as much as it conceals. Applying lip balm daily is important because our lips don’t have any sebaceous glands to produce moisture or melanin which helps protect our skin from sun damage. So moisturizing will definitely help you keep your lips from chapping and cracking in the cold winter months.

The next time you’re out and about shopping on the avenue and you stumble upon something unexpected… try it! I absolutely adore these hand crafted lip balms. They are exceptionally packaged, they smell amazing and they feel incredible. And…they retail for the incredibly low price of $2.50.

Go shop Sable + Co. today at Dime & Regal…everything about this place is the BALM!

Dime & Regal is located at 209 Division Ave.South.


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