Viewers share not-so-sweet Valentine’s Day memories

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-  This Valentine’s Day you may find your social media feeds filled with gushing posts about romance and love. Your friends are professing their love, bragging about their beautiful bouquets, and showing off their sweet surprises while you’re longing for just one small gesture from your sweetie. Instead you get a high-five, a half eaten box of chocolates or worse… nothing.  We asked our readers for their worst Valentine’s Day stories to share. Below are true stories, submitted by readers via social media.

Readers Worst Valentine’s Day Stories

1. I have a terrible Valentine’s Day story. A few years back I was dating a not-so-great guy. I didn’t really expect much from him on the day so I was surprised when I received Valentine’s Day flowers at my work from “him”. I was ecstatic that he did something special and cute since he was a not-so-great guy. After work, I met up with him to thank him for the flowers. He had a confused look on his face when I did and then responded, “Ha, my mom must have sent them to you from me.” I asked his mother later and she confirmed it. She felt bad for me and knew that her son couldn’t do anything special. Fortunately, I’m no longer dating the not-so-great guy. Getting flowers from his mom was the last straw.

2. How about your husband giving you a cheap knife sharpener in a card left on the kitchen counter.

3. I’m not sporty at all.  My boyfriend at the time thought since he was such an avid bowler that he would get me my own bowling ball in my favorite color.  Needless to say I wasn’t loving the sparkly red bowling ball that year.  Not my idea of a romantic gesture.

4. Got dressed up to go to a casino because apparently if he brought a date he got more free play.

5. My husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s day, so he sees it as his birthday more then Valentine’s day, which he’s allowed to, but it still stinks for me!

6. When I was 18, I wore my prom dress to a really nice restaurant with my boyfriend at the time. He ruined it by proposing to me. I knew I was too young, however, I adored his parents and the ring was gorgeous (keep in mind I was 18). Before saying no, I asked him a question. Why did he want to marry me. He said “Because my parents adore you and it looks good for business when I take over for my dad.” Yeah, I answered no and took a cab home.

7. Dumped on Valentine’s Day. After two years he is my best friend and engaged to someone else. Lol funny how that worked out.

8. I once got hostess cupcakes from the gas station…the next day.

9. I was at college and it was our first date which happened to be on V-day. We met the night before at the bar during dinner he got a phone call and said that he HAD to take it. The phone call was about 15 minutes long and he took it right at the table. When he got off the phone I asked if everything was ok… He told me that it was his ex calling to let him know that she just got the last of her belongings out of his apartment. They broke up the night before and she was currently moving out while we were at dinner!!!….. Talk about rebound date!  I excused myself to the bathroom and called my roommate to come get me.  To make things worse it was going bad from the beginning because he was the type of guy that INSISTED on ordering “for the woman”! Needless to say I didn’t feel bad leaving in the middle of dinner.

10. I had spent all day making hearts cut out of construction paper, on each one I wrote what I Loved about him or a special moment to do with us on it & hung them all over the house, made an Awesome “Alice Springs Chicken” (like Outback Steakhouse) rose petals all over, a hot bubbly bath, bottle of wine & chocolate covered strawberries… Then he calls & says he is substitute bowling for a friend & gonna be late… WOW!!! That stunk!!

11. Been dumped on Valentine’s day 3 times!


What’s your worst Valentine’s Day story?  Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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