Free family fun at Snow Days in downtown Grand Rapids


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and other local businesses have partnered up to bring Snow Days to downtown Grand Rapids. The five day festival is designed to take advantage of Michigan’s cold climate, provide fun ways for people to get outside and enjoy the season, and help make Grand Rapids a better winter city, which makes Grand Rapids a better year-around city.

Maranda visits the site where Ice Brigade’s Randy Finch and his team were carving a 5,000 pound chunk of ice into a sculpture previously picked by the public. The winner of the public vote was revealed today. Randy and his team are working on….drumroll…..a 12 foot tall Beauty and the Beast sculpture! You will see characters you love amped up the way you’ll see them in the new movie being released next month. The 2017 collegiate championship team will also show off their skills live on Friday.

Ice skating is fun activity to try with your kids. On Monday, Rosa Parks Circle will host free ice skating from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is also buy one, get one free on Valentine’s Day. For tips on brushing up your skating skills, check out the video above where Maranda gets a lesson from the Greater Grand Rapids Figure Skating Club.

Sunday, a classic board game comes to life with the Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament at Rosa Parks Circle. While the competition is sold out, visitors are encouraged to watch it all unfold at Rosa Parks Circle, beginning at noon. Food trucks and mascots will be there, along with additional activities.

Check out the video above to see what you can expect at the Human Hungry Hungry Hippos event. Here’s a hint, expect laughter, fun, and lots of cheering! Even the mascots had to give it a try.

Snow Days will have you loving winter in West Michigan! There’s so much to see and explore. In the video above, Maranda tests out snow shoes from Moosejaw that have her cruising around in the powder. Find out more details about Snow Days, and don’t miss out on this free family fun.

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