The Bachelor episode 6: tears, tears, and more tears

Credit: The Bachelor Twitter @BachelorABC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – In season 21 episode 6, there is drama, tears, and biggest fears. Here’s what happened in

1) Taylor speaks her mind to Nick (after being kicked off, of course).

…yet, it didn’t work. Nick said he “knows how he feels” about Corrine, and decided to keep her around for week 7. Sorry, Taylor, you can’t win ’em all.

2) Alexis gets the boot.

Safe to say the funniest contestant The Bachelor has ever had was eliminated… and America was heartbroken. Alexis, we hope you finally become that Dolphin trainer you’ve always longed to be. Chase your dreams, girl.

3) Kristina shares her incredible story, leaving America humbled and heartbroken.

Holy cow. Kristina fills us in on her abusive childhood, growing up as an orphan, and making the difficult decision to leave her siblings for a better life in America.

4) Corrine is finally given her Bachelor nanny.

The ladies arrive in St. Thomas and receive some house help… and, as you can guess, Corrine makes the most of it.

5) The group date gets… weird.

To kick off the awkward group date, Nick pretends to be a baby T-Rex… yup. Then, everyone gets WAY too competitive in a game of volleyball – because this game is life or death, right? Following an abundance of tears.

6) Jasmine goes a bit, well, crazy.

Jasmine worked her way up the crazy ladder: from crying, to shoving, to choking. Consequently, she gets sent home on the group date.

7) Whitney gets stranded on an island.

After feeling her inner thigh a bit and telling her she’s beautiful, Nick decides to send Whitney (Season 21’s mystery girl) home and give Danielle L. another chance.

8) Surprise! Danielle L. gets sent home, too.

After confessing the fact that she’s falling in love with Nick, Danielle L. gets blind sided. Although, America sure saw it coming…

9) Nick breaks down.

After sending Danielle L. home, Nick has a bit of a panic attack. He ends up visiting the girls and expressing his concerns, stating that he’s unsure if this will work out in the end. In true Bachelor fashion, the show ends with Nick storming out and the girls breaking down.


It’s a season you won’t want to miss on My ABC WOTV4. Want us to crash your Bachelor watch party? It’s easy!

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