The comfy girl guide: how to never wear jeans again


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – See, the problem with being a girl is that you feel this obligation to look nice all the time. And, to be completely honest, it can be quite the job to get this look on point. From makeup, to hair, to the dreaded outfit choice…. girls’ definitely have it tough. What we really want? To lounge around in our sweats ALL DAY. Yup, don’t lie to yourself. You know it’s true. In an ideal world, I’d be working from home, sitting in my favorite blue sweats, with a giant coffee in hand.

Then, something marvelous occurred. The heaven’s opened up and out poured leggings; leggings of all shapes, sizes, and colors – these bad boys don’t discriminate. This game-changer put jeans to rest. No more awkward jump ‘n pull to get your pants on in the morning. Stay cozy – and look HOT – every day.

Here is some lovely inspiration for work and play.

Mix and match with your outfit of choice


Add some funk for a quirky-cute look

And every once in a while, your shoes are a perfect match.

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But really, you can never have too much funk…


Mhmm, they even come in leather


Flannel it up for a cozy-cute look


Pair them with an oversized sweater


Add a chunky heel


Sex appeal alert! Some knee highs will do the trick


Zippers, zippers, zippers


Rain, rain, go away


A night on the town


Sporty chic

In good company. #thesweatlife

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But really, anything oversized is welcome here

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