Fun for families at Air Zoo

air zoo

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Air Zoo in Kalamazoo is always a bustling place, but right now they have more fun for families happening than ever before. Whether you want to sit in the cockpit of a historical plane, explore the museum, or experience science in a fun way, there’s something for everyone (adults included!). Check out the video above to hear more about fun happenings at the Air Zoo this month and see Maranda try out a fun experiment in studio.

Upcoming at Air Zoo: Spring Break +1 Camps for Preschool

Tree Homes – April 4
Many animals call trees their homes, using them for warmth, shelter and raising their young. Campers will build a child-size tree from cardboard boxes, paper, and cardboard tubes, make models of raccoons, and act out a bear family drama.
Bubble Festival – April 5
What joy of discovery sparkles in the iridescence, surface tension, buoyancy, and shape of bubbles! From bubble shapes and bubble measurement to bubble skeletons and body bubbles, this camp will be slippery, soapy fun!
Treasure Boxes – April 6
One child’s trash is another child’s treasure! Campers will hardly realize that they are learning math and science as they sort, count and classify uncovered treasures and begin their own collections in their home-made treasure chest.
Feb 18, 4th annual corporate engineering competition. 9-13 on an engineering challenge


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