5 Things to know about this week’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’

week 4 nick viall the bachelor

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This season of ‘The Bachelor’ has us laughing, cheering, and blushing! Each episode unveils more about Nick and the contestants. Some we are loving more and more, while others are making us roll our eyes…big time. While the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode sent home Brittany and Christen, the remaining 15 women hit the road to Wisconsin.

Corinne is here to stay…for now

Every girl confronted Nick about Corinne. They don’t think she’s mature enough for Nick. Why? Because she’s 12 years younger than him and has her nanny cut her cucumbers? Ooookay. Regardless of the warnings, Nick kept Corinne around for another week. It wasn’t that surprising, but definitely irked the girls even more.

Nick likes to talk about himself

The girls were whisked away to Wisconsin to visit Nick’s hometown. While it was nice to meet his parents and siblings, Nick didn’t waste one opportunity to talk about himself. We saw where all his first sexual encounters happened, every house he used to live in, and even met an ex-girlfriend of his! It did make him feel more genuine getting a glimpse of his upbringing, and he had some great dates! In particular, his one-on-ones with Danielle L. and Raven made us melt.

There’s more to Raven than you think

Sweet, Southern Raven opened up to Nick about her dating past, and it was JUICY! America has fallen in love with her sweet and sassy honesty, and her stories did not disappoint. She revealed that she walked in on her ex cheating on her. Well, she didn’t ‘walk’ in, she literally kicked down a door and started throwing punches! Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Raven!

Sometimes confronting things head on makes everything a lot more awkward

After a date of shoveling cow poo, Corinne overheard the girls gossiping about her. In a play to let them know she was smarter than she looked, Corinne confronted everyone. She was pretty pleasant about it, and explained that if someone has something to say then just tell her. Sarah kicked off the Q & A by asking if she thought she was ready for marriage. Corinne didn’t like these questions, and didn’t really answer them.

For most of the girls, they accepted that this interaction was as good as it’s going to get. However, Taylor became more annoyed. Taylor and Corinne had it out at the campfire. Taylor thinks Corinne is a brat and Corinne thinks Taylor is stuck up. Either way, the girls were not coming to an agreement and the fight ended in frustration.

Next week will be dramatic!

Every episode this season has left us wanting more! Ending on cliff-hangers has proved very effective, and the preview for next week is no exception. The big thing to look forward to is an explosive 2-on-1 date with Corinne and Taylor. The two girls already don’t like each other, and now they will be directly competing for a date rose, and one of them will be going home right on the spot.

Next week, will begin with a rose ceremony. The girls who have roses are Kristina, Raven, and Danielle L. Tune in at 8 p.m. to catch all the drama!

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