Backstreet Boys and strong connections: Week 3 on ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Things started to really heat up this week on ‘The Bachelor’. Nick made some real connections and also stirred up some big drama! Between the ‘to be continued…’ and the threats to leave, this season has left us wanting more.

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

Where we left off…

Last week’s episode left off with Liz leaving and Nick exposing the past between the two of them. Not surprisingly, the girls reacted pretty okay to the news. I think they were more relieved Liz went home. I’m so ready for this story line to be ancient history. Liz had her 5 minutes of fame and we’ll see her in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ (that’s just my prediction). Although the girls were cool with the whole thing, this did leave Nick on very thin ice. Plot twist: Is Nick here for the right reasons?

Corrine stirred up the biggest drama during the rose ceremony, no surprise there. She had a sexy surprise for Nick that included being naked under a trench coat and whipped cream. Avert your eyes, every turn in the episode is Corinne trying to sleep with Nick. Nick did not give in to the temptation. Corinne took this as rejection, bawled her eyes out, and then slept through the rose ceremony. Everyone found this extremely disrespectful, but not surprising.


The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

Squeals from the television and my living room ensued when the Backstreet Boys visited the Bachelor Mansion. The women got to hang out with the Backstreet Boys, learn choreography, and perform on stage in front of a huge crowd. Everyone was in good spirits and having fun. Corinne explained that she didn’t have to always have attention on her, but proceeded to cry in the bathroom from lack of attention. Former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Jasmine, totally rocked the choreography. However, it was Danielle who stole the day with her beauty and fun demeanor. She won an exclusive (and sort of awkward) dance with Nick in front of the crowd while the Backstreet Boys sang acapella (childhood dream come true).

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

Later that evening, Corinne revealed to everyone that she is an adult who has a nanny. It was disturbing, but as an adult who makes my own coffee, cleans my own room, and does my own laundry, it sounded like a pretty good situation. This is when Corinne went from slight annoyance to ‘not here for the right reasons’. She did straighten things out with Nick, and proceeded to take a nap after.

The rest of the evening went smooth. Danielle and Nick were really vibing and make an adorable couple, she even received the date rose. Looking at Nick’s track record, he definitely prefers brunettes.


Vanessa received the one-on-one date this week. They went on an unbelievable date with a company called Zero G. This airplane ride literally makes you float, it looks awesome! Vanessa and Nick had a great time and shared a cute kiss. The Zero G experience proved a little much for Vanessa, who experienced a little motion sickness and threw up on the date. Nick was actually really sweet and took care of her.

Later, they had dinner on top of the tallest building in Los Angeles. It was extremely romantic. Nick and Vanessa shared a lot of great conversation and really connected. It made me sad that I took her out of my hometown picks for Bachelor Fantasy league. Vanessa received a date rose.

Olympic stamina

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

The final group date of the week put the girls athleticism to the test. Olympians Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter joined the date. There was a series of track and field events, and all the girls were having a pretty good time.

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

Rachel, Astrid, and Alexis stood out and got to compete in the 100 meter dash to the hot tub. The first girl to grab the ring and jump in the hot tub won some much needed one-on-one time with Nick. Rachel ran the fastest, but sadly dropped the ring and it shattered. Astrid grabbed one of the pieces and made a break for the hot tub.

The Bachelor week 3 nick viall

There was one not-so-happy-camper, Dominique. If you’re thinking ‘Who?’ you’re not alone. She confronted Nick about her concerns. He was very honest and upfront, telling her that he didn’t think their relationship could catch up. She ended up leaving right on the spot. The rest of the evening went pretty normal. Dallas attorney, Rachel, really sparkled during her conversation with Nick, earning the date rose. Much deserved, in my opinion.

Pool par-tay

Instead of a traditional cocktail party, Nick opted for a pool party. Things got wild. The girls are getting a little bit of cabin fever, so they swarmed like piranhas when Nick was dropped into the mix. Corinne surprised Nick with a giant bouncy castle, where things got hot! As mentioned earlier, she tried her hardest to hook up with Nick. Things got inappropriate, but nothing too extreme happened. Corinne went to nap peacefully after. However, the girls were not happy about this. After the Liz nonsense and then this, they questioned if Nick was looking for a wife or someone to fool around with.

Most of the girls confronted Nick about their feelings concerning Corinne. The episode ended during Nick’s conversation with Vanessa. She told him that if he’s not looking for marriage, then she will have to leave. What a cliff hanger! Please don’t leave Vanessa, we love you!

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