First kisses and lost bikini tops: Week 2 of ‘The Bachelor’


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Week two of ‘The Bachelor’ did not disappoint. This episode had it’s fair share of eye rolls and jaw dropping. The drama and dates really heated up, and things got a little crazy. If you love drama, this season is for you.

the bachelor nick viall week 2

Nick has been a controversial Bachelor pick and some of his decisions made America see why. He ended up redeeming himself in some instances, but others had us scratching our heads. See Nick’s thoughts on the season during Jordan Carson’s interview with him.

Certain girls are really starting to shine, how are your Bachelor Fantasy picks holding up? There are some definite favorites and major eye roll inducers. With 22 girls still in the house (the biggest season yet), not every girl had the opportunity to go on a date this week. This put even more pressure on the time each girl had with Nick. Here’s the breakdown of this week’s episode.

It’s a nice day for a white wedding

the bachelor nick viall week 2

The first group date was planned to get the girls out of their shells and have a little fun. It was a wedding themed photo shoot and every girl had a differently themed nuptial.

the bachelor nick viall week 2

Most were plain ol’ fun. Vanessa rocked an 80’s theme, Sarah let loose with the ‘Vegas wedding’, and Nick looked hot during the ‘Biker Babe’ ceremony. Some were funny. Alexis (aka dolphin-shark) had a ‘shotgun wedding’ theme where she learned that it meant the bride was pregnant, but she brought a gun anyways. Others were sweet. We all swooned at Nick and Taylor’s ‘princess’ themed wedding. However, a few got hot, hot, HOT. There was a topless ‘Adam and Eve’ theme which got steamy, and almost every girl snuck a kiss with Nick.

the bachelor nick viall week 2

However, the big drama of the date was Corinne. She made her family and nanny proud by taking her top off during the shoot to have Nick hold her breasts. If that doesn’t say ‘wife material’ I’m not sure what does. Corinne ended up winning ‘the prize’ of more time with Nick on the date which was irritating.

“I’m interrupting you.” – Corinne

The group date tension continued into the evening. You could feel the awkwardness through the television. All the girls tried to get their time with Nick, but Corinne (who I think was a little drunk) interrupted most of the time. Nick kept saying “oh okay” every time Corinne interrupted, which made everyone (including me) annoyed. You are allowed to say no, you know! Give the other girls a chance! Corinne and Nick just made out a lot, and then he gave her the date rose. People were steamed. I’m not mad about it, you’re mad about it! But seriously, I cannot drive home how much you should not like Corinne.

I think Raven really sparkled during this date. She was honest, spoke her mind, and seems really intelligent. I’m interested to see how the drama affects her this season, I think she’ll handle it with class.

We all want to date Danielle M.

Sweet Midwesterner Danielle got the first one-on-one. It’s hard not to love her adorable and soft personality. The date was very grande with a helicopter ride, yacht, candlelit dinner, and the whole nine. Danielle opened up to Nick by telling him a painful story from her past and for one second we saw a glimmer of hope for Nick. The date ended with a rose and romantic kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.

The secret’s out

the bachelor nick viall week 2

Liz was on the second group date, and Nick was physically uncomfortable around her. The date took place at a break-up themed exhibit that featured tokens of people’s past loves.  Each girl had her chance to ‘break up’ with Nick. It was meant to be sort of fun and funny, but then Liz had to come rain on everyone’s parade.

the bachelor nick viall week 2

She wrote a very long letter to Nick, letting her secret run free. Only Christen knew the truth of what happened, so the other girls sat around kind of confused. It wasn’t exactly what they were assigned to do. Nick decided to clear the air by FINALLY sitting with Liz and finding out what the heck her agenda is. She did not have a good answer as to why she chose to try and connect with Nick after he gained celebrity. Surprisingly, he sent her home on the spot. This is where Nick won some respect points. We were all glad to see Liz go. Her “met at Jade and Tanner’s wedding” story was SO OLD.

Nick went back to the group and came clean about what happened, and then BAM we were hit with the “To be continued….” Comment below your thoughts on this week’s episode, we would love to hear your opinion. You can watch ‘The Bachelor’ Monday nights at 8 p.m. on My ABC WOTV4.

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