BIGGBY Coffee helps West Michigan “B Involved” in charity

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-BIGGBY Coffee prides themselves on having the world’s best coffee! BIGGBY loves helping those who support non-profits that make a difference in West Michigan. Over the years, they’ve worked with local schools and organizations to help meet goals and raise funds for community.

The company values having fun, and it shows.  In fact, it’s contagious.  When BIGGBY baristas are having fun, it invites others to join in. West Michigan has grown to love BIGGBY Coffee. It’s important to the BIGGBY culture to ask questions, listen to customers and build trust within the community. Coffee – it is at the core of what Tim Hoffman (local franchise owner) and the BIGGBY team does everyday.

BIGGBY COFFEE Owners and Operators have a strong and proud history of giving back. The company receives hundreds of requests for support each year. For more information on how your non-profit can partner with BIGGBY Coffee, click here.

Coffee can bring people together, and so does giving back to community. Because of BIGGBY Coffee’s strong commitment to community and philanthropy, we are proud to announce their partnership to our Social Sizzle/Live Local Give Local initiative with WOTV4.

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