6 Common New Year’s Resolutions (and ways you can make them better)


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Did you make a new year resolution this year? Do you want to keep it? Then there’s one thing you absolutely must do! You must create a specific goal. Too many times people make very vague new year resolutions like, “I want to exercise more,” but what does that mean? Does that mean once a week, three times a week, five times, or “I want to save money?” For what, a vacation, a shopping spree, an emergency fund? How much do you want to save, $100, $500, $10,000?

Without a specific goal, you’re not likely to improve because you have no idea what you’re actually working toward. To help move you in the right direction and actually achieve your resolutions this year. Here are six common new year resolutions and six ways to refine them for results and success.

6 Common New Year’s Resolutions (and ways you can make them better) 

Okay: I want to go to the gym more

Better: I will sign up for an aerobics class that meets three times a week at my local gym.

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Okay: I want to save money

Better:  I will follow the 52 Week Money Challenge.

Okay: I want to volunteer

Better: I will research five volunteer opportunities on volunteer websites. I will start volunteering no later than June 1.

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Okay: I want to travel to new places

Better: I will browse Groupon and the first package I see that I can afford I will buy it.

Okay: I want to learn something new

Better: I will do two lessons on Code Academy each week to learn HTML and CSS. I will design a blog using what I have learned and write about the experience along the way.

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Okay: I want to stop smoking

Better: I will enroll in a smoking cessation program by January 31 and tell all my family and friends so they can support me and hold me accountable.


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