Here for the right reasons: Bachelor premiere recap *Spoilers*

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Nick Viall certainly welcomed us to 2017 with a bang! Well, more of a make out, but we’ll get to that later. It was the season premiere of the new season of ‘The Bachelor’ last night, which is promising to be the most dramatic yet.

How could one man endure so much heartache? Ask controversial fan favorite Nick Viall, who has had his heart broken by Bachelorettes Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, and failed to find his soul mate on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Now Nick is the one giving out the roses and ready for his happily ever after – but will he find the love of his life? Nick has promised to give America a “happy ending”. Uh, thanks, I think….

Nick has gone from Bachelorette villain to worse villain to Paradise sweetheart. He was a controversial pick, but in a sea of dull men to choose from previous seasons, I am kind of pumped to see how Nick responds to being The Bachelor. As much as everyone wants to hate him, he’s pretty cute and his awkwardness makes him feel real.

If you missed a moment, here are the 30 women vying for Nick’s heart. 

As we all know, episode 1 is meet and greets, the first impression rose, and a big elimination. It’s a blur of beautiful women, fumbling conversations, and a healthy handful of crazies. Let’s dive in!

Biggest entrance

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

Lacey had the most grande entrance of all. While the majestic camel came rolling in, she muttered the 7 words that every great relationship starts with, “So, I hear you like to hump.” Nick laughed and helped her down. Even though she entered on a camel, every other girl couldn’t get over another contestant arriving in a red dress. If you’re playing Bachelor Fantasy, did you get this one? 

Most talked about

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

Alexis is her name, but you’ll never remember that. At the moment, her name is either Shark Girl, Left Shark, or Dolphin-Shark (depending on who you follow on Twitter). She is an aspiring dolphin trainer. When you realize she’s wearing a shark costume, you understand the ‘aspiring’ part. She arrived to glares and confusion, but she won our hearts. The best part was, she seemed the least concerned about talking to Nick or getting a rose, she was just living life as a dolphin-shark. Her cute and carefree personality won a lot of the girls (and Nick) over. She ended up receiving a rose in the first ceremony, which must’ve been a huge shot to the confidence for the girls who went home.

First impression rose

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

This first impression choice, solidifies that Nick DOES indeed have a brain and maybe he will do just fine as The Bachelor. Rachel is a successful lawyer in Dallas who Twitter deemed “too good to be on The Bachelor”. She’s going to make it far, you heard it here first!

Biggest eye roll

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

Liz made her parents proud by coming on Reality Television to chase down a one night stand. Liz and Nick met at Jade and Tanners wedding where they “connected” and then had sex. Liz had no interest in giving Nick her number. However, then had some sort of revelation after watching him in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. Instead of getting his phone number from mutual friend, Jade, she pursued him onto the show. She is definitely ‘not here for the right reasons’. The biggest eye roll of the night came when Liz was sure Nick didn’t remember her, but claimed she liked that because “it added to the mystery”. OOOOOOOKAY, Liz. Just for clarity, Nick claims he did remember her. She ended up receiving the last rose. Looks like she’ll stir up some drama later, so stay tuned!

Hometown Pick

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

Vanessa gave us all girl crushes. She’s beautiful, sweet, and definitely ‘here for the right reasons’. She spends her days speaking foreign languages and teaching children with special needs *swoon*. I must say, laced in with the crazies this season are some exceptional and smart women.

The villain

the bachelor season 21 nick viall

Corinne makes us cringe. She’s the girl we love to hate. She’s blonde, drop dead gorgeous, and ‘runs’ [her father’s] multi-million dollar business. In addition to those seemingly good things, she is also spoiled, bratty, and, oh yeah, AN ADULT WOMAN WHO STILL HAS A NANNY. We saw that she definitely knows what she wants as she marched up to Nick and made out with him. She has made it clear she is here for Nick and doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. According to the season preview, it looks like she only gets more aggressive and villain-y. Can’t wait to see the drama this one stirs up!

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