3 Tips to fight dry winter skin

dry-skin woman in towel bathroom

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Weather outside is cold and dry, likely so are you but no one likes the feeling of dry and or cracked skin. Keep your skin hydrated and smooth with these tips.

1. Eat for the weather –Stick with foods that are moist, unctuous and heavy, indulging in watery foods such as soups and avoid dry, crunchy, salty foods as often as possible. Dry foods may help further dehydrate the skin. Drink plenty of warm water and teas adding warming spice blends.

2. In winter months, dry brush skin, massage oil in to skin and THEN shower. The oil will protect the skin from the drying effects of water.

3. Stay regular with exercise. The pores tend to close up more in the winter so stick to your exercise regime and make sure to work up a sweat daily to keep the body releasing toxins through sweat.

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