Maranda’s 12 Days of Winter Break Fun

Winter fun guide 12/28

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) -You and your family don’t have to spend your Winter Break being bored! There are so many fun things to do and happening in your community this year that are right in your backyard…or at least close to it!  Check our Maranda’s complete guide of Winter Break fun from December 19 through December 30 where she shares all of her ideas and suggestions to help you make the most out of your kids Winter Break.. She’s got everything from story corners to outdoor discovery centers and more!  What better way to enjoy Winter Break than spending time together as a family making memories that will last a lifetime? To have a complete list of family events emailed to you each week, click here to subscribe to Maranda’s Five Star Family Fun Update.


Craig’s Cruisers
They’ve got a great rate for you while the kids are home from school! Choose your Deal:
1 Buffet & 7 Attractions
1 Buffet, 6 Attractions & $5 Video Credit
only $30.00 per person ($51 value)!
This rate is available anytime between 12/23/16 to 01/02/17.

Air Zoo
2016-17 Air Zoo Winter Break Family Fun Days!
Get out of the cold and join the fun at the Air Zoo during our Family Fun Days! Experience TONS of hands-on, wintery science thrills including building activities, experiments, crafts, robotics, animal science and more!
WHEN: Every Wednesday through Friday 11am – 3pm during winter break
Only $2 per person with purchase of General Admission, while supplies last!

Grand Rapids Public Museum – Snowflake Break 
This holiday season, visit the GRPM and take part in a variety of family friendly programs and activities themed around history, science and culture – and our special exhibits Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown and Whales: Giants of the Deep. Visitors can make their own themed snowflakes and punched tin take home crafts, play a variety of games and more!

Holland Aquatic Center 
Dec 22-31: Extended Holiday Break Open Swim -11a-3p & 6p-8:30p
Dec 24 & 25: Facility Closed
Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Luau – 1-4pm

Kalamazoo Valley Museum – Winter break


Free family performances have been added to this year’s holiday break offerings at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, December 29-January 6. Storytellers Karen Czarnik, Ivory Williams, and Gwendolyn Lewis, along with musicians Gemini and Benjammin, bring years of talent to their noon shows.

  • Theater Performances at Noon
  • Ivory Williams, Storyteller
    January 2, 2017
    Williams shares the ancient art of African and African-American storytelling using humor, wit, and fun to engage audiences and spread positive messages. A professional speaker, educator, performer, and storyteller, he is a former elementary school principle, president of the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers, a member of the National Black Storytellers, and Toastmasters International.

  • Gemini, Musicians

    January 4, 2017
    Gemini, twin brother musicians Sandor and Laszlo Slomovits, have been performing since 1973 for multi-generational families who have grown up with them. Playing over a dozen instruments, including violin, guitar, slide guitar, penny whistle, folk flutes, mandolin, harmonica, percussion instruments, and bones, the performances are filled with rousing sing-alongs, hand-motion tunes, folk tales, and music from around the world. Their CDs, videos, songbooks, and revues have won many awards over the years. They are a must see for new and old fans!

  • Gwendolyn Lewis, Storyteller

    January 6, 2017
    Family literacy is at the core of all Gwendolyn Lewis does. With over 38 years of service in the Detroit Public School District, she has received awards for Outstanding Administrator and Librarian of the Year. As author of Plant a Seed– Read!! 101 Activities to Motivate You to Read and host to a family literacy radio show, she believes storytelling encourages practical life and research skills. Lewis loves engaging the audience and changing a simple story into a memorable experience. She is a member of Toastmasters International, the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers, the Detroit Story League, and The Storytellers Home of Entertainment.
  • Challenger Learning Center Missions
    $3 per person
  • December 28, 2016 & January 4, 2017
    1:45 p.m
    The Challenger Experience is an opportunity for children and their parents to get a taste of the simulation program offered in the Challenger Learning Center. Guests will be seated inside the spacecraft and help with a spectrum analysis (you get to wear cool glasses!) during a simulated space flight. A gas leak has been detected aboard the Space Station and NASA has evacuated the crew. Now a highly trained Emergency Response Team (ERT) of astronauts must travel to the station and help identify the gas. NASA and the rest of the world are depending on them!
  • Mini-Missions
    December 28, 2016 & January 4, 2017
    3 p.m.
    A mini-mission is an interactive, hands-on simulated space mission in which participants assume the roles and duties of the astronaut crew. Just like real astronauts, the crew will read and follow directions to successfully complete their mission.
  • Planetarium Shows for Families
    $3 per person
  • Season of Light
    11 a.m.
    Explore how fires, candles, Christmas Trees, and even Santa Claus became a part of our holiday season. Learn about astronomical events that may account for the Star of Bethlehem.
  • Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs?
    1 p.m.
    Did a space rock six miles wide slam into the Earth 66 million years ago and wipe out 75 percent of all species, including the dinosaurs? Learn about Earth’s largest extinction events and celestial objects that periodically hit Earth.
  • Space Park 360
    2 p.m.
    Travel through an amusement park that spans the Solar System. Computer generated graphics create unique but somewhat familiar rides at each of the planets.
  • Mystery of the Christmas Star
    3 p.m.
    Mon, Wed, Fri
    Journey back 2000 years to Bethlehem in Mystery of the Christmas Star as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the Star the wise men followed to find the baby Jesus. This modern retelling of the Christmas story is sure to charm and captivate audiences of all ages.
  • Orion Nights
    3 p.m.
    Tues & Thurs
    During cold winter nights the bright stars of Orion the Hunter twinkle overhead. Learn to find stars within the constellations, and how they go through a cycle of birth, aging, and death as their fuel is consumed.

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum – Winter break
GRCM is your Winter Break Destination!
Join us December 26th through January 1st for a week full of play!

  • Saturday, Dec. 31st–Open 9:30-4:00!  Make a 2016 Memory Book 1:00-3:00

             **Ring in the new year at New Year’s Early Eve!  Call 616-235-4726 for tickets!

  • Sunday, Jan. 1st–Happy New Year!  We’re open noon-5:00

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