Is social media killing your marriage?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – Social media has permeated our lives in every way imaginable. One third of all divorce filings in the United States contained the word Facebook! Two thirds of all filings in Italy mentioned Whatsapp. Reconnecting with old flames or becoming involved in an online affair isn’t the only danger.

The amount of time we all spend looking at our emails, Facebook, texting and reading articles on our smartphones is staggering. What did we fill that time with in the past? Things like talking to our spouse and children, snuggling, asking how the other’s day went and having discussions about how we feel about events in our lives. The impact on our relationships is much larger then we want to admit. The part of our lives that was eaten away by time online seems to be the time we spent on things that made our relationships closer. Put down the phone or tablet before dinner and leave it down. Better yet, recharge it and check in again in the morning. Oh, and for heaven’s sake, if you are out for dinner with your spouse, DO NOT check your phone! It loudly gives the message that they are not important enough to give your undivided attention.

Accept your spouse as a ‘friend’ on Facebook. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and all the other social media platforms have become a source of jealousy and anxiety in relationships. Wondering who your spouse is interacting with can cause that green eyed monster to lift it’s head and blind your good sense. Include them in conversations and be open and honest.

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