Bach Bracket: introducing the Bachelor Fantasy League

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – WOO! How fun will this be, ladies? Introducing The Bachelor Fantasy League, the official and ultimate fantasy game experience for the 2017 season of The Bachelor, powered by ESPN!

Play with your families, friends, and Bachelor Nation to predict what happens on the show throughout the season – all for a chance, each week, to win a dozen red roses or the Grand Prize, a fantasy trip for two to Los Angeles, hotel and airfare included, two tickets to Disneyland AND two tickets to “After the Final Rose” for the next season of The Bachelorette this summer.

…Because a tiny part of us all believe, each season, that we can predict the future. Bring it on, West Michigan! > Groups > Search Groups > West Michigan Ladies > Join

So, how does it work?

Similar to a college basketball bracket, The Bachelor Fantasy League allows viewers to predict the final four women in The Bachelor – the four women who will make it to the hometown dates and the one woman who may receive the Final Rose.

  • 50 points for each correct hometown date prediction.
  • 150 points for the correct Final Rose recipient.

Each point earned is an entry into the Grand Prize sweepstakes drawing. Players can modify their picks until January 16th at 4:59 pm PT/7:59 pm ET.

…That’s it? 4 guesses and it’s done? Relax, there’s more. 😉

Play the weekly game

Earn points based on questions related to the upcoming week’s episode!

  • 10 points for each correct answer.
  • 20 points for each bonus question.

Each point earned is an entry into both that week’s drawing for a dozen roses and the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the season. The weekly drawing is based on a player’s points from that week’s game only. The Grand Prize drawing is based on all points earned throughout the season.

Predictions are automatically scored alongside Bachelor Nation, but players can also create their own public or private groups with family, friends or colleagues. Your picks apply across all their groups. > Groups > Search Groups > West Michigan Ladies > Join

Ready to get started?

Starting NOW, visit or the ESPN Fantasy App.

  • PREDICT the four hometown dates and final rose recipient starting December 19
  • PLAY weekly before each episode starting December 28
  • CREATE your own group that Bachelor Nation can compete against
  • JOIN the group “West Michigan Ladies”
  • SHARE your picks and predictions with Bachelor Nation using #TheBachelor.



**WATCH The Bachelor every Monday at 8|7c, starting January 2, on MY ABC WOTV4.**


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