Last minute gift ideas for the always late and not-so organized


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – If you’re anything like me, you have at least 3 and a half more gifts to purchase before Christmas. Your close friends and family have been texting you how excited they are to give you your gift, when you haven’t even a clue what to get for them yet. You haven’t even made it to the mall! Oh gosh, the dreaded mall. Every year I tell myself “Alright Katie… next year I’m shopping ahead of time to avoid the crazy mall traffic,” and every year, on December 23rd, I end up in the same place. The mall.

Rushing around in a panic, I always find everything I need.  At some point you have to come to terms with who you are… always late and not-so organized.

Here’s one of our Pinterest boards, filled with last minute gift ideas! Save time, money, and even some mall madness by checking these out before you head out.

Find more gift ideas on!

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