Steal her secrets series: Beauty Guru answers 25 career questions

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Her suit fits just right, she knows everyone in the room and you can just tell she’s got it going on!  You wish you could be her or simply wish you knew her secret to success.  WOTV 4 Women wants to give you a deeper look at the many power women who are helping make West Michigan a thriving place for women at work.  We’re having them dish the details on everything from work life to home life and what has led to their career success.

25 Questions with Latesha Lipscomb

Credit: Latesha Lipscomb
Credit: Latesha Lipscomb

Meet Latesha Lipscomb a West Michigan entrepreneur that is heading up I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge, POSH Innovative Event Management and East Meets West Pop-Up Thrift Shops.  If you spend five minutes with this amazing woman you’ll be instantly drawn in by her magnetic personality, big smile and over-the-top girl power vibe!  That’s why we chose Latesha Lipscomb as our power woman of the week!  Read on to see what makes her tick.

Question 1: Describe your job and why you love it.

Soooo On Instagram, I describe myself as a Make-up. Maven. Model. Mom. And I love this because it describes the fact that I have my hands in multiple pots and I try to be a rock star at all of them. I love my jobs because they give me a platform to dream in color and live out loud every day! I breathe innovation so being an entrepreneur runs in my blood…

Question 2: Dig through your purse and tell us three must have items you found and 1 item you were surprised to find.

My cell phone… I am a Social media FREAK! Gloss because you should always put your best face forward and I have to keep my lips soft. I am a lipstick junkie who rocks random, bold colors and textures frequently. And finally my coupon book because I am a diva on a dime who loves a great bargain. I was surprised but not so surprised to find a Little Debbie Crumb Cake in my purse because I am a hustler in heels and I am always on the move! A girls gotta have some kind of fuel!

Question 3: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through multiple changes… I wanted to be everything! An Actor, a journalist, a lawyer, a teacher… Good thing I am still growing up and learning to be a jack of all trades and a master of many…

Question 4: What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Identify a career where you can be everything you’re good at all at once. I choose to go to Law School because I knew I was great at public speaking and oral advocacy, I am an avid reader, soliloquy is my middle name and I am a bit of a drama queen. So I thought I belonged in a courtroom. I have put the most training and education into that over the course of my life though I am choosing not to practice currently. The MI Bar Exam will always be there…

Question 5: What’s the job you’ve had (in your lifetime) that still gives you nightmares?

Not many… I try to find the joy in all things. I’ve been a bagger at D&W, a waitress at Ponderosa in a past life and I have been a Housing Advocate for ICCF. I know that all roles are important from the top to the bottom and I try to embrace that notion in every job I hold no matter where I am. But what I can tell you is that not being able to work with people or affect change at a grass roots level in some sort of servant leadership capacity would scare me half to death. I love people and have come to believe that social capital is priceless.

Question 6: What’s the best thing you’ve done to advance your career?

Recently, I would said choosing to participate in entrepreneurial courses like Spring GR, attending workshops or seminars offered by GROW and competing in local pitch competitions. These opportunities have given me a way to advance my personal goals on my own terms in one way or another.

Question 7: Flats or heels?

Both! I haven’t been able to wear heels like I used too since having a baby but on occasion I really do try my absolute best to hustle in heels!

Question 8: Crying at work? Okay or not okay?

Crying is always ok. When it comes to work I would say it’s not that you shed a tear or two in the work place… as much as it is how you do it. Some circumstances may have you crying out at your desk if you receive bad news in the office or sometimes may require a trip to the ladies room if you’re crying about office politics. Either way, it’s always best to get it out!

Question 9: Work/life balance? How do you make it work? What time do you “clock out”?

OMG!!!! Is there such a thing?! I’m not sure how I do it actually because I have my hands in just about EVERYTHING in this city. From Boards and Alliances to nightlife and entertainment, I’m usually easy to spot because I keep my FACE in the place. On top of that I have always been a night owl… so I usually “conk out” before I “clock out” unfortunately. I’ve always been a firm believer that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream…

Question 10: Eating lunch at your desk? A do or a don’t?

Depends on the day. I enjoy both. I like the rush I get when I get to indulge in a delicious delivery while meeting a deadline but at the same time… It’s nice to get out and take in some fresh air and a trendy dining experience. I am a fierce foodie and local epicurean so what matters most to me is that I am eating and eating well…

Question 11: What makes you grateful?

LIFE. Every morning I wake is new opportunity to do something different. Then LOVE. I am beyond grateful for each and every person that chooses to love me in spite of me. And finally VISION. Because people often see something extraordinary in me that I can’t always see in myself…and this inspires me to live my very best life!

Question 12: What was your biggest blunder in a job interview? What did it teach you?

Probably not mastering that standard interview question about your weaknesses… I really had to learn how to embrace my imperfections and view them as opportunities for growth. It was only then that I could convey my short-comings in a more positive light and express what tactics I use to overcome those obstacles.

Question 13: Describe your morning routine.

Pull my sons foot out of my abdomen…because he still won’t sleep a full night in his own bed… Rise. Get Clothes. Brush Teeth. Drop baby off at school. Hit the ground running. Repeat.

Question 14: Proudest career moment to date.

Man! I hate to admit this but I love attention… So probably receiving the GROW Leadership Award in 2015 and then having a write-up in Rapid Growth Media a few months back about my work at ICCF as a Housing Advocate. I think people should be acknowledged for their hard work and creativity. It’s nice to be told, “you’re awesome” on occasion.

Question 15: What’s the most important thing in your life right now?

My son and our survival. Being a Momtreprenuer is HARD work. But I focus my energy everyday on how I can build wealth to better secure our future.

Question 16: What time did you wake up today?


Question 17: What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone?

Their energy… a person’s inside can sometimes speak in volumes over what you see on the outside…

Question 18: What are you reading right now?

Instinct – The Power to Unleash Your Inborn drive by T.D. Jakes

Question 19: In a typical day how many emails do you answer?

I’d say at least 10…

Question 20: What’s your favorite TV show?

Empire… I find it incredibly ironic that one of the founding fathers of our city is also named Luscious Lyon…

Question 21: What’s your favorite spot for a meeting in West Michigan?

Depends on what the meeting is for but I love the Start Garden and DGRI Offices. I also appreciate cozy spots for a warm beverage like Lantern and Squibb Coffee Bar.

Question 22: What’s your favorite app?

Instagram – Social Media is KING.

Question 23: What experience in life made you the most nervous?

Probably the 5×5 Pitch Competition that I won in August. I was overcome with anxiety because this was my third try at something I wanted so badly for my business. Not to mention the fact that I had to garner community support in only 7 days… I am not a fan of defeat and was super nervous about what it would do to me mentally or mean for me career wise if I did not win. I was in serious negotiations with the man upstairs about my destiny so that was a critical juncture for me in my journey as an entrepreneur. I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge won $5,000.00 that night to advance an idea for a makeup mobile unit that will hit the streets in the Spring of 2017 if I am able to secure additional funding. I was so nervous… but all things worked together for my good that night and I’ve been in an even more passionate love affair with being my own boss ever sense…

Question 24: What’s one question you always ask in an interview?

When can I start?

Question 25: What’s the best part of your job?

It’s the comradery and conversations that mean the most to me. I am big on relationships. They can make you or break you in this town. So whether I am teaching Financial Management, planning an event for a client or applying a pair of false lashes so a woman in transition can see herself through my eyes… knowing that people’s lives are better because I have lived…brings me joy.

***Do you know a West Michigan Power woman who deserves to be featured in our series?  Email us her name/business and contact info!

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