Tips on teaching kids gratitude


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can also be extremely stressful on kids (and adults)! Pine Rest visited in studio and explained that it is because of the high expectations. Check out the video above for advice about teaching kids gratitude and how to curb holiday stress.

Teaching Kids to be Grateful Givers
-Take your children gift shopping.
-Have a conversation about the recipients likes and dislikes.
-Make holiday gift giving an expectation.
-Put their ideas into practice.
-Don’t alter a gift your child is giving.
-Get them in the habit of thank you notes.
-Practice grateful giving yourself.
Advice from Pine Rest about holiday giving as a family.

Warning Signs of Too Much Stress in Kids
-More withdrawn than usual
-More emotional, tearful or not themselves
-Complain of stomachaches and headaches
-Biting nails, chewing clothing, pulling out hair
-More frequent tantrums
-Regressive behaviors like baby talk or bedwetting

Managing Kids Stress
-Keep to routines as much as possible – especially sleep
-Bring pajamas and toothbrush if know will be staying out late
-Bring a favorite toy, book or blanket when visiting others
-Don’t overschedule your family – it’s OK to say “no”
-DO schedule downtime for your family
-Stay hydrated – pack water bottles for when you’re out and about
-Balance extra sweets by serving healthier meals earlier in the day
-Spend time outdoors playing to burn off extra energy & better sleep
-Remember to laugh and enjoy the wonders of the season
Pine Rest tips on celebrating the holidays as a blended family. 

Remember, the holidays are about being together as a family. However, some years can be harder than others. Pine Rest has amazing advice on how to support grieving children during the holidays.

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