Give back to West Michigan at Equest Center

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – This holiday season many West Michigan families are looking for ways to give back and help those in need. So we have created a Season of Service campaign featuring different non-profit organizations throughout our community. Each week now through Christmas we will highlight an organization showcasing the work being done and ways families can volunteer and donate. Take time to look through this list and discover ways your family can serve others and make a difference Where You Live!

In the video above, you can experience the amazing volunteering that happens at Equest Center. The more we support our own community the stronger we ALL will be. When volunteering at Equest you have a very real, powerful opportunity to make a major impact in a life of the clients served. It’s good for learning perspective and being grateful for the things and abilities we have in our own life when we see others less fortunate or people dealing with really tough/painful life situations. It also helps eliminate stereotypes or misunderstandings about people. Finally, volunteering makes each of us stronger, more compassionate, better able to get along with others and work together in life no matter what the task.

How to get involved with Equest Center: Call Equest Center’s Volunteer Coordinator, attend one of the monthly Equest Volunteer orientations, or stop by for a site visit! There are COUNTLESS ways to volunteer at Equest!

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