Ultimate guide: Christmas party games


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – We’ve all been there. You’re pacing and Pinteresting (yes, that’s a verb) and you just can’t come up with the right and appropriate game for your Christmas party. Whether it’s with your friends, family, or work, a party calls for entertainment! These people are expecting fun, and that can be a lot of pressure. No need to worry though, we’ll make it easy on you – it’s the season of giving, right? 😉

Friends Christmas party game

Let loose with this Christmas charades drinking game!



  • Divide party-goers into two teams.
  • Have Christmas charades written on individual sheets of paper in a bowl. For example, “Elves making toys”
  • One team at a time, guess what your teammate is acting out.
  • RULE: Each team member must act out at least once.
  • RULE: If your team guesses your acting correctly, they are safe and receive a point. If your team guesses incorrectly, your team does NOT receive a point and must take a gulp of their drink. As beer pong calls it, it’s a SOCIAL.
  • Whichever teams earns the most points wins.
  • OPTIONAL: Winning team gets little gifts… Maybe a coke and a mini shot of Captain Morgan.

Example Charades:

  • Making Christmas cookies
  • Elves making toys
  • Rocking around the Christmas tree
  • Holiday shopping
  • Wrapping presents
  • Having a snowball fight
  • Christmas caroling
  • Putting the star on top of the tree
  • Catching snowflakes on your tongue
  • Building a snowman
  • Putting on a snowsuit
  • Building a fire in the fireplace

Family Christmas party game

Looking for something sentimental? The Ornament Game is a sweet party activity all ages will enjoy.


Instructions (Game 1):

  • Each participant bring an ornament that describes their personality or interests.
  • These ornaments are secretly placed on a little tree meant for the game.
  • RULE: No peaking.
  • When all ornaments have been hung, the game begins.
  • Each participant comes to the tree with a pen and pad of paper and guesses who brought what ornament.
  • Once completed, take turns confessing which ornament was yours and explain why you chose it.
  • Whoever had the most correct on their pad of paper, wins a festive prize.

The Ornament game too slow for your family? Here’s a more fast paced and competitive game to try. Introducing, the Dice Game (are you enjoying these clever names).

Instructions (Game 2):

  • All participants are sitting around a table, and all have a piece of paper and pen.
  • Goal of the game is to write out 100 (1,2,3,4,5,6) by rolling doubles.
  • One player starts with a pair of dice and rolls.
  • IF they roll a double, they can start writing (starting with the number 1) and the dice gets passed.
  • RULE: Once someone else rolls a double then they must stop writing, and the new roller can begin.
  • If you do not roll a double, you lose your turn and continue passing the dice around the table.
  • Whoever writes out 100 first, wins a prize. The prize should be something worth fighting for.

Need to keep the kids busy at your family Christmas party? Here are 5 creative and fun ways: http://wotv4women.com/2016/12/08/5-ways-to-keep-kids-entertained-during-holiday-parties/

Work Christmas party game

For the recent Crew holiday party we just held at the station, we wanted a game that would allow for our Crew members to get to know each other better and have a good laugh. After searching and searching, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Therefore, we made up our own game courtesy of the talented Carly Munoz (our modern mommy expert and Brand Manager). We found this worked great!



  • Each participant fills out a unique Christmas question on individual sheets of paper (these should be kept secret).
  • Once answered, place all folded sheets in a large bowl.
  • Pass bowl around the circle of party-goers to be read.
  • Read aloud the clever answer, and guess WHO wrote it.
  • If you guess correctly: choose a mystery gift from under the tree OR steal a gift that has already been opened, and remove the sheet of paper from bowl.
  • If you choose incorrectly: place the sheet back in the bowl, and wait patiently until your next turn.
  • If your gift is stolen, choose a mystery gift from under the tree OR steal a gift that has already been opened.
  • RULE: You may not steal back a gift you once had.

Our station purchased each of these fun gifts which ranged from $25 to Hop Cat, Bachelor posters, and everything in between. You will need an equal amount of gifts as attendees.

Example Questions:

  • Name 3 things you’d love to get in your Christmas stocking?
  • The reindeer I relate to most is ________ because ________.
  • Santa put me on the ________ this year because ________.
  • Name 1 thing you must eat during the holidays and 1 thing that makes you gag.

PDF to print: christmas-party-questions

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