5 Tips to keep your Christmas tree green through the New Year


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Having a real tree in your home for Christmas is so beautiful, festive, and smells great! A challenge each year is how to keep your real tree looking fresh and green until the season is over. Here are some tips to keep your fir festive.

  1. When browsing through a Christmas tree farm or lot, make sure you give your tree a good shake by grabbing it at the top and lifting it up and down a couple of times. If it loses a lot of needles, it usually means the tree is dry and isn’t the best option.
  2. Even though you’re eager to decorate, hold off. Fresh cut trees absorb a lot of water in the first day. Set the tree in water as soon as you get home. It must set for 24 hours to absorb a gallon of water.
  3. Although some believe you should add sugar or corn syrup to the water to help lock in moisture, tree experts say it’s not necessary. In fact, sugar may cause bacteria to grow in the water, creating a bad odor.
  4. Keep watering your tree throughout the season and make sure the water level doesn’t drop below the trunk.
  5. Place the tree in an area where it is away from direct heat sources such as sunlight, heating vents, or fireplaces. This will prolong the tree’s life and keep it from drying out right away.

By following these tips, your tree is sure to remain beautiful and green throughout the holiday season.

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